Life as a Distance Learning MBA student

13 May 2020

Distance Learning MBA participant, Zeeshan Sheikh, talks about his experience on the programme and the highlights of his MBA so far. 

One of the toughest decisions I faced last year was choosing where to study my MBA. After exploring many different programmes from across the world, in the end I listened to my intuition which was fully aligned with Warwick Business School (WBS).

How does your life transform when you join the world’s number one Distance Learning MBA programme? Almost a year in and six modules down, I’ve experienced intensely busy days spent at WBS during Warwick Weeks and had extraordinary case study discussions with smart and interesting members of my cohort from across the globe - it’s time to reflect on my MBA roller coaster so far. 

My experience at WBS gets better with every passing week. There isn’t a day where I haven’t felt blessed to be accepted into this iconic school. WBS truly believes in the strength of its network and encourages a culture of deep connections as opposed to just networking. Sharing and listening to the inspirational life stories and unbelievable experiences, challenges and beliefs from my fellow cohort encourages the spirit of determination, grit and self-discipline.

Personally, I’ve found the Distance Learning MBA programme to be extremely flexible. It is a perfect match for busy professionals trying to gain a competitive edge in career growth and personal development, having a blend of distance learning and face-to-face modules in key international locations. While the collaboration tools used during the live sessions have made the interaction with faculty and students very lively.

I’ve always been an advocate of continuous learning to expand my skill set in response to an ever-changing business environment. Attaining an MBA from Warwick would certainly turn out to be a differentiator and augment my appetite to accomplish my lifelong aspirations. Year two of my journey is about to start. It truly motivates me to continue absorbing the experience and discover new connections. I’m definitely excited for what is likely to be another action packed 12 months!

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