Meet the nurse taking care of the Global Online MBA

21 May 2021

Despite not being your traditional businessperson, Global Online MBA participant Anna Chainey embraced the opportunity and propelled her career. 

As a nurse, I am continually undertaking further education whilst working in clinical practice, so I am no stranger to higher education! Having decided that I wanted to pursue a career in senior clinical leadership within healthcare transformation; I felt that the Global Online MBA with WBS offered me modules that were most suited and beneficial to my career plan. Having had discussions with people who had previously undertaken the Warwick MBA, I knew that this course was not going to be easy. I also knew however, that the effort would be worth it.

The course is challenging in terms of the time that is required to complete all of the reading, activities, lectures, group work and assignments, particularly when you are also working full-time. Each of us have our strengths and weaknesses, and therefore some modules will be more comfortable than others, and this does then give you the capacity to flex the time needed for each module to suit your individual requirements. Having the online learning platform, my.wbs, is particularly beneficial so that you can do things in your own time and revisit areas that need extra time (especially once you have learnt how to navigate all of the content that is on there!).

Unsurprisingly, the MBA feels most suited to those in traditional ‘business’ areas such as finance and technology, so as a nurse, it is definitely stretching my knowledge! I have encountered some excellent tutors, who have helped make all of the information understandable and relatable which I am particularly thankful for. The Economics of the Business Environment module particularly stands out, for having a tutor who has the ability to help me understand what felt like a foreign language to me by making it relatable through their examples and descriptions.

The small groups that we are allocated to for various assignments and projects have been a particular pleasure to be part of. My group are a wonderful and diverse collection of people from different countries and backgrounds and each one of them brings a unique wealth of information that has proved invaluable to my experience so far. The cohort is big and at times, the lectures can feel like they lack the personalised touch due to the difficulty it would cause if 100 people all tried to seek an individual voice. However, the small groups help to make you feel part of a team, part of the experience and provides an amazing peer support group that you never knew you needed.

For anybody considering the Global Online MBA, do not underestimate the commitment required but if you go for it, you will not regret it!

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