My favourite and most impactful MBA modules
06 October 2020

"The learning, fun, friendship, connections, and deadlines will forever be fondly remembered as an exhilarating experience that was thoroughly enjoyed". Full-time MBA student, Emmanuel Ewandulu, shares a glimpse into some of his standout MBA modules.

The Warwick Business School (WBS) Full-time MBA programme was a mind-altering experience that has positioned me with the knowledge and confidence to either pursue higher levels of responsibility in my current field of endeavour or transition into a vastly different industry. Besides the engagement with peers from a diverse range of fields, backgrounds and nationalities, the major tool in this recalibrating experience are the modules.

The eight core modules provided me with the essentials for the world of business, which included operations management, marketing and strategy. I was then able to tailor my learning experience to suit my interests through four elective modules. 

The leadership module, known as ‘LeadershipPlus’, was a standout module as it gave me the critical soft skills needed in the world of business today, as well as in my personal life. Shortly before the start of the module, I was given personal insights profile questions which I answered with child-like honesty. This formed the basis of my transformational experience on the LeadershipPlus module. The module took me through a journey of self-discovery and personal improvement. The sessions on communication, dealing with courageous conversation, understanding the SCARF model, developing selling skills, understanding my values and leadership principles, allowed me to achieve a positive personal transformation.

The Strategic Thinking module along with the module on Strategy and Practice shaped my views on how businesses compete to win and what pitfalls they should avoid in the process. The modules helped me see the business strategy as the overarching strategy from which other sub-strategies within a business should draw from, including the marketing strategy, innovation strategy, operations strategy etc. As there is a bit of strategy in every other MBA module, it makes this one a central and critical module for me. The module also exposed me to the critical concept of organisational ambidexterity, which helped me understand how business stay efficient while keeping an eye on the future.

Finally, the module on International Business is a must-have for any contemporary business manager, business strategist, or entrepreneur. This is because the module takes you through the internationalisation process and the capabilities, conditions, and negotiations necessary. One of my takeaways from the International Business module is the decline of the once fancied concept of globalisation and the rise of contemporary terms like reshoring, along with the factors driving it.

As an intrapreneur (an employee with an entrepreneurial mindset), with the ambitions of leading a top corporate organisation one day, I have found these four MBA modules exceptional. The learning, fun, friendship, connections, and deadlines will forever be fondly remembered as an exhilarating experience that was thoroughly enjoyed.

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