My favourite Full-time MBA modules

08 September 2020

Full-time MBA participant, Pedro Valdebenito, talks about his MBA experience and the modules he found to be most impactful during his time on the programme.  

Pursuing an MBA is a journey. There are many reasons to study an MBA and many that would make you hesitate. However, one of the most important takeaways and key factors when studying an MBA is around the high-level modules and lecturers that you will interact with. According to the World Economic Forum (2016), the top five skills for 2020 are the soft skills:  complex problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, people management and coordinating well with others. How can you train yourself to enhance these skills?

Training yourself to develop a new skill set is never an easy task. From my perspective, the MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) is divided into three main sections that will help you to develop such a skill set for you to excel in the business world. Firstly, you will have the core modules which aims to help you develop a holistic overview of business. Secondly, there are the elective modules which allow you to gain in-depth knowledge about any subject you like and to tailor your MBA experience as you wish. In both, you will be solving complex problems, applying critical thinking and working in diverse teams. During the core and elective modules, you will develop a strategic and analytical mind-set driven by critical thinking and complex problem-solving. Finally, the LeadershipPlus module which is part of the core modules of the MBA, but deserves to be separated from the other for its importance.

The most impactful module for me, was the LeadershipPlus module because it touches upon each one of the skills mentioned above, and, most interestingly, the module is full of practical activities for you to develop and enhance new skills. My favourite module was Strategic Thinking, which is embedded in every other module of the MBA as it allows you to see the bigger picture and analyse the problems from a holistic perspective, taking into consideration every aspect of the business, how they relate to one another and how strategy plays an important role in any business.

Enhancing and developing a new skill set, requires not only training but also guidance. The Full-time MBA will bring along the guidance and coaching needed to train you, but if you want to be ready for the challenge, you will have to work hard and use the MBA journey to be the best version of yourself. Each module will give you the tools you need to forge your new skills and excel, but it’s up to you to gather them and exploit them to achieve your objectives.

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