My tips & advice for Distance Learning MBA students

03 October 2019

Distance Learning MBA participant, Sergio D'Alessandro, tells us about the importance of Warwick Weeks, using your time wisely and other key tips for future MBA students.

Before jumping right in, I think it’s important first to mention that everyone will go through a different MBA experience to me, and each person will have their own perceptions throughout the programme. Though I hope that my experience so far on the Warwick Business School (WBS) Distance Learning MBA will offer some good insights to those of you that are thinking of starting, or are about to start an MBA.

Here is my advice for future Distance Learning MBA students:

Use your time wisely

If you are considering embarking on the MBA journey, chances are that you are having a rising career and time is a scarce resource in your life already. Scientists have been working hard, but unfortunately have yet not found a way to slow down time or extend hours beyond 24 per day! You will therefore need to apply everything you know about time management and allocate enough time to study the course lessons, actively participate in the group assignments and, of course, do your own individual assignments.

You need to assess how you spend your time during each day and figure out how much time is available for your study sessions. I have been studying every night between two and three hours and as many hours as possible during the weekends. In the end, this arrangement worked well for me.

Apply your learning as you go

Make the MBA an extension of your workplace. Everything you learn through the MBA is immediately applicable to your work environment and might benefit your career in due course. Throughout the journey, you will learn about a variety of different subjects from a range of perspectives. I found it useful to apply these subjects at my own workplace as the course moved forward. This extended my learning experience outside of the hours formally dedicated to studying, and at the same time, I was able to critically examine my own professional environment through the lenses of the MBA. 

Similarly, when it comes to the assignments, you might find it better to use your own company as the main subject for the first few assignments. However, try to expand your boundaries and experience different businesses as you move forward. 

Warwick Weeks

Take the Warwick Weeks as an integral part of the MBA experience. While the focus remains mainly on sit-in exams and lessons, don’t forget the additional services that come with the MBA at WBS. Make time to schedule an individual session with their on-site CareersPlus advisors and to sit in as many seminars as possible during those weeks. 

Last but not least

The MBA has been a mix of feelings. From the initial “will I be ready for this?” to the excitement when successfully completing the first modules. Going through some downs and feeling exhausted at times, is all part of the MBA package, so be prepared for a ride on the roller coaster and try not to lose momentum. Remember that it’s not done until it’s done! Good luck!

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