Navigating the MBA Journey with Warwick: A Cross-Atlantic Perspective

16 May 2023

Ashish Kamra, a Boston-based participant on the Distance Learning MBA* (London), sheds light on the distinct differences between MBA programmes in the US and the UK.

The journey of earning an MBA is a transformative experience. This year, I chose to embark on this journey with Warwick Business School's online part-time MBA programme, despite being based in the heart of Ivy League MBAs, Boston. This decision, influenced by several factors, has been largely rewarding and fulfilling. 

One of the primary attractions of Warwick's MBA programme for me was the diversity of its cohorts. The programme's global reach ensures a mix of professionals from various geographies, cultures, and industries. This international blend has opened up a world of perspectives, enriching my learning experience. 

Secondly, affordability was a significant consideration. In comparison to its Ivy League counterparts in the US, Warwick's MBA programme offers a more cost-effective route to an equally prestigious degree. This makes the programme more accessible and provides excellent value for money. 

Additionally, the quality of Warwick's programme impressed me. With a legacy of over 30 years, the programme's maturity is evident in its delivery. This contrasts with several US-based MBA programmes that have only recently ventured into the online space. The maturity of Warwick's programme reassured me of its robustness and effectiveness. 

Furthermore, the structure of the programme was a selling point. The thoughtful incorporation of two face-to-face weeks and a mandatory in-person elective module demonstrates a well-balanced blend of online and traditional learning. This structure has enabled me to build meaningful relationships with peers and faculty, enhancing the sense of community within the programme. 

My experience with Warwick's MBA programme has been highly positive so far. The programme's engaging content, responsive faculty, and emphasis on critical thinking have consistently impressed me. The learning output is directly proportional to the time and effort invested, reinforcing the adage that you get out what you put in. 

In conclusion, selecting the part-time online MBA programme at Warwick has been a rewarding decision. The global diversity, affordability, quality, and structure of the programme have created a dynamic and enriching learning environment. It's an exciting journey that I'm privileged to be a part of and one I look forward to continuing.

*Please note that the Distance Learning MBA is now titled Global Online MBA.