New cities, core modules and getting caught in the British weather! - Starting the Full-time MBA

27 October 2021

Even a little rain didn't dampen Lorraine Maodi's first few weeks of the Full-time MBA, from starting core modules to discovering the new cities, find out what it is like to start the programme at WBS.

On 27 September 2021, I officially commenced my MBA journey as I walked into the conference center for the induction and the start of welcome week. Unfortunately, I was caught in the rain while making my way onto campus and so I arrived soaking wet and had to return to my accommodation to change my outfit. I was most certainly graced with a wet introduction to the British weather! I couldn’t hold back from laughing at myself. Even after getting wet, I was still beaming with joy for the journey I was about to embark on.

The rain symbolised the ushering in of a new chapter in my professional career wherein I exchanged my office for a lecture theatre in pursuit of acquiring new skills and knowledge from the MBA. Acquiring leadership and business acumen skills, expanding my network and improving my strategic thinking skills is amongst some but not all the reasons why I chose to pursue my MBA studies at this stage in my professional career. I have no doubt that the Warwick Business School (WBS) MBA will equip me with the skills and knowledge for achieving my future career goals.

Induction day was well organised, and a good picture was painted regarding what lay ahead for the academic year. The activities for the remainder of the week included the welcome dinner with the Dean. We certainly showed up looking dashing while we engaged in delightful conversations over a tasty three course meal with alumni and members of staff from WBS. We also commenced with our LeadershipPlus module and were thereafter given our first task to work on in our respective syndicate groups. I was delighted to witness how the rest of my cohort had a good chuckle as they sang along to the chorus lines of my syndicate groups video. While we do work hard, we also have fun times, and the module certainly makes room for such opportunities.

The second week marked the start of teaching for three other core modules, Operations Management, Marketing and Strategic Thinking, which involved a lot of pre-reading in preparation for the lectures. The modules have allowed me to think outside of the box and I am grateful for the learning journey I am currently on. The case studies have been very insightful, and I enjoy critically analysing and putting into practice the learning outcomes from the modules.

The learning journey is valuable as the support we give each other as fellow students is nothing short of amazing. I have witnessed how we rally behind each other, sharing resources to keep one another well-informed. I must admit that amid a busy academic schedule, it’s very easy to miss a notification but it’s unlikely to happen with such a supportive cohort. The cohort comprises 116 individuals and we all hail from different corners of the globe, representing 38 nationalities and different professional backgrounds. We are indeed a diverse cohort, and I can’t wait to learn more from my fellow students.

The third week was just as demanding. Syndicate group discussions have personally given me an opportunity to tap into the skills and knowledge of my syndicate group members. Furthermore, the class discussions are interactive, making it possible to learn from the well-versed professors and inputs from fellow students.

Well organised sector specific festivals, workshops and webinars have all been a part of the three-week period since commencing the MBA. I count myself blessed to be a part of WBS with all the opportunities that are available for the benefit of its students.

In this short space of time, I have already discovered a few new things about myself and aim to ensure that this continues throughout my MBA journey. Being an international student has also meant that I had to familiarise myself with my new surroundings. Getting lost around Coventry and the same happening in nearby cities has been fun and is all part of the journey of discovery. The academic journey ahead will stretch me, but I know I will not be the same individual at the end of my MBA journey. An amazing academic year lies ahead!