Not all MBAs are created equal

30 November 2022

Distance Learning* participant, Kyle Beauchamp, shares how what to consider when deciding to study an MBA and exploring potential business school. 

Like most, my decision to pursue an MBA was a difficult one. The thought of going back to school and the added pressures and challenges associated was overwhelming to contemplate. How to balance the work, life, school commitments in an already hectic schedule? Having previously completed my bachelor’s degree and obtaining a professional designation, the thought of returning to school for a third tour was nearing insanity. This time it was different too. I was no longer a broke university student, or a recent graduate, who was green as grass walking into my first post-university job. My advanced accounting text books and course deadlines were now replaced with “Learning my ABCs with Elmo” and a scheduled 8pm bed-time routine. I was now married and raising a toddler. It was no longer just about me, as the decision to take on a two-year MBA was going to affect my family just as much.

It was first important to have the discussion with my family, my support team. They had to be onboard and willing to make some sacrifices for this to happen. Their support was clear from the beginning, and was really the motivating factor for committing to an MBA program. Without that, I can easily say that none of this would be happening.

There was also the question as to which school I was going to apply to? By reading this blog, there is a decent chance that you are deciding for yourself if you should pursue an MBA program. And if you are like me, there is a good chance you have a list of schools that you are considering and weighing up the pros and cons of each option. Contemplating factors such as price, location, length of the program, teaching method and the school’s reputation /rankings, amongst others. There are a lot a great programs available and schools to choose from, as we are no longer restricted by geographical constraints. With so many different options available and lots of information to sort through, it made my MBA decision harder. With the commitment required (time, family, financial, work, social), I had to know that I was making the best decision based on my circumstance. But it consistently came back to the same question, what was I trying to accomplish and which school was going to be the best fit?

Through the number of schools available and offering an MBA program, the options were endless. But I never wanted to get an MBA just to put it on my resume. It was important to me to set myself apart and stand-out from others. I wanted to attend a school that pushed the envelope and challenged the societal norm. If I was going to invest two years of my life for this, I wanted an MBA that was going to be different. I did plenty of research online, reviewed the rankings and looked at other blogs just like this one to see what student had said about the MBA experience and the opportunities created from it. Warwick was consistently at the top of my list.

The recognition as consistently one of the top online MBA programs was a major factor. I was not looking for a career change, and as a result I did not have specific career goals in mind from obtaining an MBA. However, I knew that my experience from Warwick would have me prepared for whatever opportunities that may be presented. Not only readying me for the future, but creating future opportunities and opening doors that many other programs could not. I quickly learned that not all MBAs are created equal.

The decision to pursue an MBA should not be taken lightly. For me, having my support team in place and on-board hasn’t made this process easier, but it has been a big motivational factor to continue and strive for excellence.

*Our Distance Learning MBA is now titled Global Online MBA