Our favourite MBA modules revealed

31 January 2024

Participants on our Executive MBA programme share their favourite modules, offering valuable insights on what to expect on the course.

Kate Rist

Image of Kate RistMy Executive MBA journey began with the Organisational Behaviour module which gave me a flavour of how and why organisations operate. From organisational structure to team dynamics and power, this module took the class from the macro to the individual level within organisations, looking into why they act the way they do. Examining the management models behind the reality supported us in applying academic theory to practical examples and enabled me to look at my overall company and its teams in my assignment. 

Getting the opportunity to dig down into a specific area of learning in the individual assignment allowed me to explore the concept of psychological safety – that teams perform better in psychologically safe conditions and environments – and how this can play out in all-female teams, by using my current employer as a case study. Being able to use a real work example that was relevant to me sparked conversations within my team. This began to have an impact on the way we work together and gave insight into how to improve our team dynamics, even if that was just being aware of them.

Having a dynamic and enthusiastic module leader meant starting the Executive MBA with a theoretic, academic module was not as overwhelming as I first thought it might be. Going through the theory and applying it to a case study in class allowed us to ask questions and look at how big and small organisations that we are all familiar with, like Google and Disney, behave.

So far, Organisational Behaviour has been my favourite module because it presented both a high level and detailed understanding of organisational and individuals’ behaviour in the workplace. It has given me the capability to apply management theory to real work situations whilst getting to rigorously, and academically learn.

Jide Adejumo

Image of Jide AdejumoI’ve thoroughly enjoyed all the modules I’ve undertaken so far on my Executive MBA. The teaching faculty have extensive experience in their fields of study which allows for a great learning experience.

I found the Strategic Advantage course particularly fascinating. All businesses seek profitability and/or growth but the science of determining where and how best to play in specific markets is often misunderstood. This is where I found the module most insightful. A number of techniques and case studies were deployed. And, the module ended on perhaps one of the often-ignored aspects of strategy - it is only as good as how it is implemented!

Ali Mehdizada

The subject areas that I had no previous exposure to are the modules I have enjoyed the most. Behavioural Finance: Psychology and Financial Decisions, an elective module, was one of my favourite modules on the Executive MBA.

This module was thought provoking and utilised many up-to-date caseImage of Ali Mehdizada studies that created excellent debates within the lecture room around the idea of ‘Phantastic Objects’ within the financial markets and how to be aware of the characteristics of a ‘Phantastic Object’.

This is just one example of many from this module, and the course in general, that has helped me to challenge my own perception of investing and how I, as an individual, can be more aware of the potential biases when it comes to making financial decisions. Fundamentally this module taught me how to be a better investor and make better financial decisions both from a personal and professional lens, which is an invaluable skill to possess.