Overcoming the uncertainties of embarking on a Distance Learning MBA

28 February 2019

Distance Learning MBA participant, Carlos Exprua, shares his advice about starting out on the MBA journey and strategies to cope with any uncertainties you may be feeling.

You have just embarked on the Distance Learning MBA programme and you have a pit in your stomach not knowing what’s coming next. You feel like you are on the verge of a panic attack! The fear of the unknown doesn't go on forever...employ these strategies to overcome business school adaptation anxiety, help yourself to relax and look forward to becoming a tireless student.

  1. Say goodbye - It’s the end of the world as you know it...for now. Kiss goodbye to your current daily life and already complicated, yet organised rhythm and routine. Be prepared to rearrange every aspect of your life.
  2. Trust your teachers - You chose Warwick Business School for a reason, you can rest assured that your instincts and research were well-founded. Another thing to remember is that there’s no need to fret over getting familiarised with the Warwick Business School online platform, my.wbs, in a day as you will get the hang of it in time.
  3. Establish a routine - Make changes such as waking up earlier and going to bed a little later. Manage each minute wisely. As taught in Operations Management, clear your day of NVA activities (wasting time) and replace them with VA (study time).
  4. Enlist help at home - Encourage your loved ones to support you. Even the smallest amount of help and patience will mean a lot in the long run.

It may seem overwhelming at first, having to readjust your work and personal life in a rather drastic manner. Stay calm. You can find the time and balance. You want this and you are committed. Take one day at a time, everything will fall into place and you will gain a tremendous new sense of control and confidence.

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