Reflecting on My EMBA Journey at Warwick Business School: Tips for Prospective Applicants

06 July 2023

Turkan Farzaliyeva, a participant on the Executive MBA programme, shares her top application tips.

As I approach the one-year mark since starting my Executive MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS), I want to share some insights for those of you still contemplating this significant step. Here are some key tips:

  1. Take your time with the decision

 The application process is time-consuming, so it's crucial to think carefully before deciding. Ask yourself: Have I done enough research? Why do I want to apply? What value will this course add to my life? An Executive MBA is a valuable investment, so ensure you're ready to commit your resources—time, money, and effort.

  1. Prepare a strong application

Once you're sure about your decision, focus on your application form and essays. Clearly define your responsibilities, vision, and drive. Explain why you want to undertake an Executive MBA and how it aligns with your long-term career goals. This clarity will help you articulate your motivations in your application essays and interviews.

  1. Highlight your Leadership experience

Executive MBA programmes seek candidates with significant management experience and a proven leadership track record. Highlight your professional achievements, particularly those demonstrating your ability to drive results and make an impact. Quantify your successes whenever possible. Understand the time commitment required and plan how you'll balance it with your professional and personal responsibilities. Diversity of thought and experience is highly valued in Executive MBA cohorts.

  1. Explore scholarship opportunities

Warwick Business School offers excellent scholarship opportunities—I received a scholarship, which made a significant difference. Consider applying for these scholarships to ease the financial burden.

Be authentic and confident in your application. Admissions committees appreciate genuineness, as it helps them understand who you are and what you will contribute to the program. Good luck with your decision and application process!