Starting the Executive MBA

05 May 2017

Archana and Maria share why they decided to undertake the Executive MBA, the induction activities they got up to and diversity of the cohort.

Archana Dhankar

"When you’ve been working for a while going back to school can sometimes seem daunting. But as the popular saying goes one is never too old to learn and with that in mind I joined the Executive MBA programme at Warwick Business School.

The key aspects of the course which got me interested were its cohort diversity, careers team, location and the ranking of the programme, WBS Executive MBA is ranked in the top 25 in the world. The best part of the WBS Executive MBA is that it gives students flexibility which is a great advantage if like me you ever need to take a break due to any work or personal commitments.

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I was a bit nervous at the start on various aspects of the course, including studies, assignments, class mates and what not. In the end, among other things what I loved most about the Executive MBA programme was its diversity. The class consists of international students from all over the world and from varied backgrounds like healthcare to manufacturing to technical, which adds to a great depth and breadth of knowledge into the group and one ends up learning a lot more from the case study discussions and experience they bring to the table. And now even in my first year I feel I have actually made new friends.  

For anyone starting their Executive MBA I would recommend not to miss the introduction week as it helps in many ways including forming relationships, breaking barriers, gives you a better understanding of the University and an opportunity to meet the faculty and the alumni before the onset of the course.

At it's Warwick campus WBS also has a one of a kind offering called the Create Space, a great highlight of my induction day. I enjoyed my first session there and look forward to the creative ways of developing my soft skills. To give you more insight, the Create Space is an open plan room and the fun part is that no one is allowed to wear shoes in the room, which is almost symbolic to you leaving all your inhibitions at the door. This structure of the session is based on the ethos of theatre workshop practices and the learning is very much practical and situational experience.

This varied way of learning is what makes learning and going back to WBS so much fun."

Maria Bravo Bencomo

"Starting an Executive MBA at WBS has been a remarkable experience. The induction weekend was a great way to kick it off, understand the way it all works and meet my cohort.

As soon as the module lectures started, my way of thinking about business and organisations completely shifted. WBS Professors are great at helping us think outside the box and look at the business world from a much wider perspective. As a result, I am more confident when addressing issues, risks and opportunities at work.

The mixture of professions and experience within the cohort is very varied, from doctors to engineers, psychiatrists and many others. This brings a great variety of opinions and stories to the lectures and group work. Working in teams on each module can be very intense but always adds value to the learning experience.

The structure of the programme is flexible and allows for breaks and rescheduling, this has made it much easier to organise my personal and working life around it.

If you have a passion for business and the drive to succeed then WBS will be an incredible experience and effective way of achieving your goals."