Studying an MBA in the UK

Wondering why our participants travel the world to study with us? Warwick Business School MBA participants past and present share their experiences of and reasons behind studying their MBA in the UK.

"The detail I focused on was: how can I leverage my study topics at work, right now?"

Niosha Kayhani, Distance Learning MBA participant

The benefits of the MBA can, and should, be capitalised on throughout the journey and not only afterwards when those three letter designations are added at the end of your name.

For me, that meant getting involved in projects where my studies and daily work became more intertwined. Not only did that make me more versatile and apply new learnings in my role but it allowed me to produce high quality work in my studies which is expected at a master’s level.

The idea of intertwining studies with work is nothing new, in fact, as part of the MBA they encourage you to look for project areas or opportunities in the workplace and leverage them for the study topics. But the detail I focused on was the reverse of that same ideology: how can I leverage my study topics at work, right now.

For me, that process led to a significant promotion that would relocate me and my family from London to San Diego, California, in the middle of my studies, during a pandemic. I went from being an R&D engineer for a division at the company to becoming the director overseeing R&D across all divisions – this was a big leap, and the MBA certainly played a part in that success.

As I began transitioning into my new role over the next six months, I leant on modules such as corporate finance, entrepreneurship, and innovation to hit the ground running. 

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Image of Brittany Walker"I desired more engagement and connectedness with innovation and transformative solutions"

Brittany Walker, Full-time MBA alum

I had been working in New York as an Associate Buyer at Saks Off Fifth and was at the point where my path was set and I could choose to do the leadership programme for the next promotion to the Buyer position. I had thought I was on the path to my dream job but I realised that the career I had chosen was not fulfilling enough. I knew I wanted a change and desired more engagement and connectedness with innovation and transformative solutions. The Full-time MBA presented an opportunity for me to broaden my scope, develop my leadership skills and further my learning of business environments outside of the retail industry.

I did a semester in the UK during my undergrad and that’s why I decided to come back. I chose to come to the UK because it’s a one year programme and I wanted the opportunity to travel and get away for a little bit. When I met the Warwick staff in New York I immediately felt their support, they were just so warm and welcoming, and so I knew that WBS was where I wanted to go.

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Image of Corban Quigg"My decision to study the MBA has been a life-changing decision for my professional journey"

Corban Quigg, Distance Learning MBA participant

When I shared my desire to add an MBA programme on top of a busy career at Amazon, alongside parenting two young boys in Seattle, with my wife, she checked my temperature and asked me if I needed to speak to a counselor. Our lives are quite busy: both of us work full-time and parent full-time.

Ultimately, what convinced her and I that I should apply to the Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS), was the incredible flexibility of the degree, without limiting the academic scope and bar that comes from one of the top business schools in Europe.

There have been three notable distinctive elements that, as a DLMBA participant at WBS, have been incredibly beneficial to a working professional, husband, and parent with little time to spare:

  1. Learning on my schedule and at my pace
  2. Gaining a global business perspective as an American businessman
  3. Utilising a variety of learning mechanisms and tools with my.wbs

In sum, my decision to study the DLMBA at WBS has been a life-changing decision for my professional journey at Amazon, where I have already obtained a promotion into a new job field, in part from the academic work completed at WBS.

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