Studying at WBS in London, a city with a unique charm and rich history
17 February 2020

Executive MBA (London) participant, John Cancio, describes his experience studying at WBS London, The Shard, and provides an overview of the flexible programme structure. 

As an international student, I find myself constantly beguiled by the beauty of hidden gems around London. Like now, as I sit inside this 19th-century graveyard watch house transformed into a quaint cafe along Bermondsey Street, waiting for a caffeine fix, it's hard not to be captivated by its glamour. London is a mix of old and new, with a unique charm and rich history, becoming one of the world’s premiere places to study. Having joined the Executive MBA programme at WBS London, The Shard, I was given the opportunity to learn alongside like-minded individuals, leading the charge for change. I’m grateful to be a part of such a diverse cohort that is truly global. The experiences that we share are not confined to the walls of the classroom, instead it extends to the various countries that we visit and to the lives that we touch. 

Studying for an MBA is the proverbial “opening of the door” which leads the individual to cross-over perceived boundaries, reformulate one’s mindset and instill confidence. Key to this transition is the flexibility in the schedule of the programme, enabling you to study whilst working, yet it retains the rigidity of a structured learning platform. One can find a schedule that suits their needs i.e. weekends or evenings, or a four day study week or from the world's leading distance learning format. Maintaining interactions with the cohort remains crucial, the group work and rigorous case studies gives a healthy dose of real-world application. With the emphasis on ‘change and sustainability’, core modules like Strategic Advantage explore value-creation and blue ocean renewal, while Leadership gave insights from leading-edge research on followership and authenticity. In Marketing, each group was tasked to tackle an environmental issue and come up with a marketing presentation of their proposed green solution. These were tremendously enjoyable!

From the variety of electives I’ve chosen, the Digital Leadership and Entrepreneurship modules stood out to me as favourites, linking really well to the pursuit of my passion to help small businesses leverage new technologies like Cloud and micro services. In 2019, there were 5.82 million SME’s which account for three-fifths of the employment and around half of turnover in the UK private sector, hence their potential to impact to society. Similarly, various lectures are available to further strengthen the candidates’ profiles as well as vast networking opportunities to meet those from other cohorts and beyond. Additionally, there were prominent guest speakers who are leaders in their respective fields, entrepreneurs and brand managers who enthusiastically shared their experiences in launching their own brands, some of them are even alumni of the school. WBS also takes pride from its long list of world-renowned professors and lecturers leading the modules which further strengthen the reputation of the institution.

As a Filipino living in the UK, I’m grateful to education institutions like WBS that have opened their doors to a wider audience and provide a world-class platform. It has allowed me to share enriching experiences with people and listen to my classmate’s unique stories, which for me is the most effective tool for learning. Fuelled by the passion to learn and lead change, these are the conversations that I most look forward to, preferably over a cup of coffee.

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