The advantages of an online MBA

28 November 2023

Noor Hussain, participant of the Global Online MBA programme, shares his insights into the benefits of studying an online MBA.

Studying online offers me a myriad of advantages, foremost among them being flexibility. The ability to access recorded lectures enables me to tailor my study schedule according to my own convenience. This feature is particularly beneficial to me when I’m unable to attend live sessions due to work, personal commitments, or time zone differences. The asynchronous nature of online learning through my.wbs empowers me to engage with course materials at any time and from anywhere, fostering a learning environment that suits my needs.

An interactive and stimulating learning process

Embracing new technologies in the online learning landscape, such as the lightboard (technology that brings lectures and presentations to life), enhances the overall learning experience for me. The lightboard facilitates dynamic and engaging presentations, making complex concepts more accessible. This innovation not only supports a deeper understanding of the subject matter but also ensures that the learning process remains stimulating and interactive.

Integrating education seamlessly into my life

Online learning has revolutionised the traditional education paradigm by enabling me to study at my own pace. This flexibility proves invaluable for me juggling multiple responsibilities, allowing me to integrate education seamlessly into my life. As a result, I can strike a balance between work, family, and academic commitments, promoting a holistic approach to personal and professional development.

Networking from my living room

Moreover, the virtual learning environment offers unique networking opportunities. WBS often hosts virtual events, webinars, and collaborative projects, providing me with the chance to connect with peers, professionals, and experts from around the globe. This interconnectedness fosters a sense of community, exposes me to diverse perspectives, and broadens my understanding of global business practices.

Access to a global network and a diverse cohort is a distinctive advantage of online learning. Engaging with classmates from different cultural and professional backgrounds enriches the learning experience, offering insights into varied perspectives and approaches.