The flexibility of online learning

04 December 2023

Andy Breeze, a participant in the Global Online MBA programme, provides his perspective on the advantages of pursuing an online MBA.

I chose the Global Online MBA on the recommendation of a friend who did the course some years earlier. I have reached a point in my career at the Ministry of Defence where I would like to pivot to something different, but I had limited idea what “different” looked like. I decided that an MBA would help with whatever I decided to do going forward.

The key advantage for me: flexibility

The advantage of the GLOMBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) is the level of flexibility it gives you. All the material is brilliantly presented online, so you can choose when you study, and at what pace. Around once a week there is a seminar where you can ask questions around the material – these are recorded if you can’t attend. All this allows you to front or backload work around your schedule.

The things I unexpectedly appreciate the most about the Global Online MBA

In writing this blog, I reflected on the things I like most about the MBA and realised I had not considered them on making my choice, which was based on FT ranking, recommendation, and flexibility.

The three things I most appreciate are the career planning, networking opportunities and ability to pursue my own interests within the MBA. The amount of support available for career planning is phenomenal, and I highly recommend taking advantage of it. It has changed the way I approach career planning. The group work and residential days allow you to meet a wide range of individuals. Finally, as I am UK based, I have taken advantage of some of the Warwick events (such as a tech-fest) to really get an understanding of current trends, as well as the plethora of online events offered. This has resulted in a relationship helping at the Gillmore Centre – another gem I have stumbled upon!