The Full-time MBA application process

12 February 2021

Current student Boluwatife Amure, highlights some of the key stages of the MBA application process and shares her experience of applying for the Full-time MBA at WBS.

One of the reasons that informed my decision to apply for the Full-time MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) was it being in the top echelon of business Schools in the United Kingdom and Europe.

However, what was distinct for me was the female to male ratio on the Full-time MBA cohort. As an advocate of women in business, leadership and diversity, this was very important to me in choosing a business school. The gender balance of the previous cohort was 61/39 which was the highest I could find during my school search (and this has increased with the current cohort). This indicated that the Full-time MBA at WBS is passionate about women in business and for me, this sealed the deal. Also, the cohort was diverse with a presence from 33 different countries and a broad range of industries.

Additionally, a brief read about one of the core modules (LeadershipPlus) caught my interest. It contained concepts like courageous conversation, ethical leadership and self-awareness which was different from the normal MBA content I had seen in other schools.

After all my findings, I was so excited, I had found the ‘one’ (insert song: ‘cause we belong together’ - in Kelly Clarkson’s voice). When I started the application, anxiety set in. But this was quickly dispelled by the admissions team as they utilised a personalised approach and response to each email and were very helpful at every stage of my application, such as rescheduling interviews to fit my schedule.

I would like to highlight some key parts of the application process below.

Application submission

Prior to an application submission, there is an option to email your CV to the admissions team who will inform you of your eligibility to apply for the Full-time MBA. I provided the following documents
(please note that there are specific requirements for each document such as band score etc.):

  • CV
  • First degree certificate
  • Secure English Language test result
  • Two essays
  • A Scholarship request essay
  • GMAT score/GRE (The Warwick test may also be made available)
  • Two references.


I was quite nervous about my interview as I wondered what I would say for the duration of one hour! On the day of the interview, the room I was in was well ventilated, yet I sweated profusely like a ‘Christmas goat’ (this is a Nigerian joke). The interviewer eased my anxiety by having a brief relaxing conversation with me where we discussed recent happenings. After this, she asked specific scenario-based questions and surprisingly we went over an hour in the end.


I received a conditional offer with a partial scholarship two weeks after the interview.

Tips for future students

The entire process lasted for about three months, however this would vary from application to application. One important thing to note is that you must be sure and conscious of your ‘why’. Why an MBA? As this will keep you going at every juncture, from the submission of your documents, your interview preparation and during the course.

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