The MBA Radio Show: A Q&A with the hosts

07 March 2019

Full-time MBA participants and hosts of The MBA Show on RAW 1251am, Kristen Rossi and Said Muhtadi, share their experience of starting their weekly radio show and giving their cohort a voice.

What inspired the show? 

SM: During Term 1, Kristen came across the 'Radio at Warwick' society and thought about the show. Towards the end of the term, she suggested this idea to me and asked if I wanted to host it too. I was very excited that we could have our very own show. We had a brain storming session for the name of the show and the topics we will be having. We turned in the application and here we are, The MBA Show with Kristen & Said.

What makes your show unique amongst other MBA podcasts?

SM: What’s unique about the show is our light content. We try to keep a mix of humour, games and solid content for listeners. What’s also unique is that we talk about various topics related to the MBA and MBA students. One topic which I really liked was on MBA parents. I learnt a lot about the challenges that students who have kids are facing; some left their kids behind in their home countries, other had to bring their kids here with them. I never actually had the chance to know the exact details about that before The MBA Show.

MBA students
Kristen and Said discuss balancing parenthood and studies with guests on the second episode of the MBA Radio Show

What kind of response have you received? 

SM: So far, all responses have been positive; everyone is enjoying the show, especially the famous ‘Two Truths and a Lie’ game.

KR: People seem to be enjoying the content. The MBA is quite intense so, as Said mentioned, we try to keep the show informative but at the same time light-hearted and fun. This approach seems to be working as on Sundays, when it is on-air, our cohort WhatsApp group comes alive with comments and laughter. The show is something we are all getting to share. 

How are you building awareness? 

KR: To build awareness we have tried our best to use our marketing skills. We created a brand logo and then Said initiated a Facebook page where we share photos of the week's upcoming guests so our audience can guess what the topic will be, as well as see behind-the-scenes photos from the past show. We have also created an archive so that the shows can be used in the future to help prospective students. We post these links each week on our cohort's WhatsApp group and on LinkedIn. Said and I have also shared the links with WBS' programme team and central recruitment team. 

SM: The interesting part is the diverse group of people who listen to the show. Although many listeners are MBA students, we also have professors who are tuning in to learn more about their students too. As Kristen mentioned, we also have students from other courses in Warwick who are interested in the show as they are considering pursuing an MBA in the future. We are utilising the Facebook page not only to promote our episodes and show, but also to post updates and news about the MBA. Join us on Facebook to find out more.

What are you hoping to achieve?  

SM: Although the MBA can be tough and stressful, there are lots of fun times during the course of the year: one example is our show. All of our guests have said that they enjoyed recording the show. At the end of the day, MBA is all about networking. Our class this year is big, with 115 students split across 2 cohorts. We hope to bring students closer by knowing each other more through this platform. We always try to ask specific questions to students to learn more about one another.

KR: The main takeaway from the MBA programme that we have tried to implement is the idea of value. Our aim is for every show to give our listeners valuable content and our cohort a voice. 

Tune in to RAW 1251AM on Sunday evenings, 6-7pm.

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