The power of networks and memorable modules on the Full-time MBA

19 May 2017

Ralph Abou-mrad shares how his network has grown, both professionally and personally, since starting the Full-time MBA and the value of working in groups for class assignments.

Ralph Abou-mrad

"Eight months has flown by since the start of the MBA, and my network has grown significantly adding professionals I have met through the careers fairs and networking events; organised by WBS, as well as my 78 classmates I have been working hard with.

The strength in the relationship that has been made in a short period is outstanding. The most exceptional gesture that wowed me is when one of my classmates decided to put together tutoring sessions to help the rest of the class who were struggling in accounting. This showed that although we somehow have a “silent” competition going around, everyone wants the entire cohort to pass every module.  

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Working in syndicate groups has proven to be rewarding as every team member rolls up their sleeves to get the job done. Recently, we had to produce a short film for one of my favourite modules, Sustainability and Business Ethics, where we chose to document disability and employment in the UK. Professional filming and editing were two words that were foreign to me so we worked hard as a team to produce a fantastic film which was praised by the panel Disability & Employment in the UK .

I have met people at WBS that I am fortunate to call friends now. The strong bond that we built from socially getting together for a meal or a drink is amazing. This special bond I believe stems from the several factors especially the main target, which is completing the MBA and hopefully with a distinction.

James Moody

"One of the aspects which attracted me to do my MBA at Warwick Business School was the breadth of learning available through a broad range of modules. Everyone does the same required modules in the first term which cover the fundamentals of business, as well as delving deeper into elements of strategy, leadership and sustainability. In term two, you then have the opportunity to select five elective modules from a huge list of options which are taught either at the Warwick campus, the Shard in London or even internationally.

The LeadershipPlus module was one of the highlights for me. As part of this module, you work in teams on a client engagement consultancy project solving a live business issue for a company. Our particular project was centred around the automotive industry, working with an engineering consultancy firm. Each team had a different challenge and a different company to work with, and the module culminates with presenting your final pitch to the client and the wider cohort.

I was keen to gain some international experience as part of my MBA so I decided to choose an international elective based in Mexico City. This was a fantastic experience as the module attracted over 200 people from business schools around the world, including some of the top schools in the United States. The week is intense as it combines an academic agenda with visits to Mexican companies as well as taking in some of the local culture. The week ends with each group delivering a presentation followed by a dinner, party and celebration of what is a memorable experience!"