The wide range of career support provided at Warwick Business School

13 January 2021

"The MBA at Warwick Business School stands out in terms of providing a wide range of career support to students". Hear from Distance Learning MBA student, Aparna Ram, on her personal highlights from the CareersPlus services. 

Some of the most important reasons for pursuing an MBA are to sharpen your managerial competencies with specific business skills such as leadership or strategic thinking, to accelerate your current career, switch to another industry or become an entrepreneur.

When compared to other programmes, the MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS) stands out in terms of providing a wide range of career support to students, done through the bespoke online my.wbs platform as an integral part of the MBA experience. The WBS CareersPlus team offer a variety of recorded events, webinars, lectures and online careers resources with the flexibility to learn at your own pace.

Careers festivals offered during residential weeks (virtual due to Covid-19) enable Distance Learning MBA students to gain knowledge on the latest thinking on career management, covering a range of topics from negotiation skills to career transition. There are several other online resources such as job postings, case coach, 360-degree online feedback, CV preparation platform and the Change Maker Series. These programmes can be used either as a step-by-step guide from start to finish or consumed as independent modules for immediate use.

The WBS CareersPlus team also offer rational and impartial advice about your career choices and plans, detailing the pros and cons along with the context of how we could address impediments and guidance to leverage our dissertation as a means for planning and realising career aspirations. Meanwhile, personal assessment tools provide an excellent mechanism to review strengths and build on the opportunities surrounding them.

My personal highlights from the CareersPlus offering include:

The Change Maker Series

The Change Maker Series allows students to hear from industry speakers who have reached great positions in life through meticulous hard work and perseverance. Some of these speakers are Warwick Alumni and hearing from the speakers and other attendees about how they have tackled issues both at work and in their personal life has been an illuminating experience. Having experienced some of the issues myself, this series has truly allowed me to identify many transferable skills that I have and apply them to other areas along the way. 

The importance of networking

Networking is always given its due importance at WBS. Virtual networking events provide an opportunity for attendees to connect with students from other cohorts, as well as Executive MBA, Full-time MBA students and even alumni. This has enabled me to build my network, strengthen connections and hear from alumni first-hand about how they have progressed through their dissertation project or career journey upon completion of their MBA.

A successful MBA is not just about academic grades, it is about creating a well-rounded portfolio along with soft skills and learning picked up from work and life experiences that can be applied to many different roles for successful business.

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