There are no boundaries - life beyond the study

24 September 2021

The MBA experience is not all about the study. Full-time MBA participant Moneeb Rafique, provides an insight into striking a healthy "study-life" balance through his love of cricket and sport.

Pursuing an MBA was a personal aspiration for quite some time, and losing my job during the pandemic presented an opportunity to fulfil that desire. I decided to undertake an MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS), which itself has been a unique experience.

Aside from the world-class content and high calibre of teaching, the University of Warwick campus offers additional facilities allowing students to participate in extracurricular activities – much needed when trying to strike a healthy "study-life" balance. I personally benefited from this as I navigated the intense studies, and so will be giving some insights into the sports clubs and activities available. I will also provide some details on the sporting activities I became involved with during my time on the Full-time MBA.

Like almost everything over the last two years, the unpredictability arising from the pandemic disrupted the MBA experience. Warwick Business School made every effort to ensure the students' experience was of the highest level, despite the obvious constraints.

Following Government directives, sports facilities at the University were eventually allowed to reopen and activities resume. It is safe to say that students, myself included, were overjoyed with this news and the opportunity to take part in university sports. The options ranged from various sports clubs to a multi-purpose gym; there was so much to choose from. But the choice for me was obvious – cricket. My underlying passion lay with cricket, and I had been involved in the sport from a very young age. It played an essential role in my development and growth, simply put, if someone says cricket – I am there.  

Given the pandemic, there was limited physical interaction with my Full-time MBA peers; however, it was clear that with the 3rd semester approaching, weather improving and restrictions easing, the cricket enthusiasts were keen to play.

There had been an annual T20 tournament at the University, and we entered without a second thought. With our WBS team kits – we definitely looked the part!

The tournament commenced and, in our WBS team kits, we started our tournament journey. After the unpredictable British weather, a few disappointing results, high team spirits and a whole lot of fun, the tournament and cricket season came to an end.

It is a credit to University for making this possible as the tournament allowed team bonding and interaction with those outside the Business School. The experience of engaging with Full-time MBA colleagues and the wider university community in such unprecedented times was refreshing.

The cricket facilities were easy to access and of excellent quality, but it's not just the cricket facilities. The sports and wellness hub provides the perfect place to explore your passions, maintain fitness, enhance the university experience and meet like-minded peers. Signing up to the various sports societies and forums was easy, with all details available on the Warwick Sports Clubs website.

Given the wide-ranging options available, you will find yourself spoilt for choice. It is almost guaranteed that you will find something you want to participate in, but if there isn't, the University welcomes you to start your own sports club; you just need 30 people to show an interest.

Having a look at the Warwick sports page will provide a clearer picture of the options available. I would encourage you to engage in activities of your choice and be part of the inclusive University of Warwick sports community to maximise your MBA experience – it definitely made my experience even better.

P.S – for all the Full-time MBA cricket enthusiasts – I look forward to hearing how you do in next year’s tournament!

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