Three questions you might have before starting your Distance Learning MBA

12 March 2020

Distance Learning MBA London student, David Carter, reflects on his main concerns when starting his MBA and provides some useful tips and advice for people who are thinking of joining the programme.  

As I enter the second year of my Distance Learning MBA London programme, I have taken a moment to reflect on the three big questions that concerned me before I started. I hope this will be of use to prospective students who are unsure about whether to make the commitment.

Will I cope with the demands of work and study?

For me, this is about being pragmatic. You will need to balance work, life and study, and sometimes you will have to make sacrifices. But it is manageable if you organise your time. Remember, with the Distance Learning MBA programme, you can download audio lessons for your commute and log into the course from anywhere using the Warwick Business School (WBS) online learning platform, my.wbs. You will be surprised at how many ‘dead hours’ in your day can be used for learning.  

Will I understand the course content?

Yes, you will. I did not feel comfortable or confident about my capabilities in all of the courses, but most of the students in my cohort felt the exact same way. The lecturers are aware that there are different levels of expertise and they adapt their teaching styles to accommodate all levels of experience. You need to be committed and willing to learn, but there is help where you need it. We are encouraged to ask for support if we are struggling, so every student is set up for success from the outset.

Is it worth the investment?

Yes it is. It is a challenge to explain the breadth and variety of services that you are able to access as a member of the WBS student community. I have benefitted from careers advice and support, direct access to leading business academics, a proprietary mentoring programme, talks and seminars from business leaders and peer support from my own cohort. The WBS Distance Learning MBA programme is a total learning experience, and its value lies in the community as much as the qualification.

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