What's it like starting the Distance Learning MBA

21 February 2020

Distance Learning MBA participant, Ramit Gangopadhyay, describes his experience joining the Warwick MBA, from starting the induction process to completing the first few modules. 

19 March 2019, I remember the date distinctly when the response from WBS hit my Inbox ‘you have been accepted onto the Distance Learning MBA programme’. I was euphoric as I had put in significant effort towards my application to ensure that the credibility of my candidacy was truly represented and I was also incredibly pleased to be identified as a ‘WBS scholar’. Although part of me (as a fairly mature professional) found the idea of studying for two years really daunting, the other part of me was ready to ‘unlearn and learn’, so I mentally prepared myself and firmed up my commitment. I was ready to pursue my MBA.

The build up to the induction days were full-on with information from the WBS website, booster courses and the preparatory work for the first two modules; a lot to digest for sure, but enjoyable at the same time. The highlight of course, was that I now knew the seven group members who would be partnering with me for the first few modules. Although we were spread across the UK, Germany and Nigeria, we connected online and it was amazing to see the synergy, the sense of focus and the drive – we were all raring to go!

Finally came the induction days. The WBS live connect was seamless (yes with WBS, IT works!). Apart from the informative introductions, clear overview of the programme and detailed briefing on the support services and network, I found Pietro’s (Course Director) welcome note to be particularly energising; my key takeaways were:

  • Success comes through full immersion
  • Manage your time and be disciplined
  • The Distance Learning MBA is a platform for people to engage, cross fertilize and learn - the more one puts in as a practitioner, the more one stands to gain from the programme

The moment of truth had arrived; my cohort was formally welcomed and my MBA journey was now a reality. The first four weeks were extremely challenging (perhaps an understatement), focussing on the leadership reference reading materials was a struggle, memorising and mastering handwriting (not kidding) for the operations management examination was a stretch and by the first week of July I was looking forward to the summer holidays to get a bit of respite. However, through some insightful discussions with my group members, face to face sessions with the wider network during the first Warwick Week and working my way through the first few modules, I managed to strike equilibrium.

Fast forward and four modules down, I would say with some conviction that the programme has put me and my abilities to the test. It has been a tremendous learning curve and while there have been occasions of self-doubt, every time, either through help from the support network or sheer perseverance, I have bounced back. I am absolutely looking forward to the fresh and exciting challenges of 2020 as my MBA journey continues…

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