What's it like starting the Full-time MBA

18 November 2019

Full-time MBA participant, Radko Diev, shares his experience of starting the programme and what current Full-time MBA students can expect from their year ahead.

Starting a Full-time MBA in the middle of an already successful career is a truly incredible experience. In my opinion, there is no better way to challenge yourself and discover your ability to evolve but also adapt both personally and professionally. The first couple of weeks on the MBA programme are memorable and exciting and of course, the shift from a previous work routine is very significant. Here is my experience starting the WBS Full-time MBA.


The first week on the programme was very busy. A student from abroad like myself needs to open a bank account, get used to the time zone and of course buy some furniture and accessories for my new accomodation which will be home for the upcoming year. Fortunately, our WBS "care package" included an umbrella (a proper compliment to the English weather). I was very excited to meet all of my colleagues from the MBA cohort and at the beginning, it was impossible not to accept an invitation for a quick chat around the campus.


Above all, I was delighted to finally meet the people I was communicating with throughout summer. Establishing my circle of friends turned out to be very important because these people, later became like a family to me during the MBA. What is amazing about the WBS MBA is the true diversity achieved, with 39 countries represented for our intake. We were all going through the same experience together, so of course, we shared our advice and tips, and the joy after a successful assignment. Most importantly, I have managed to establish a routine with a couple of fellow MBA students, so we always help each other out when it comes to assignments and career planning.


Confucius once said: "If you are the smartest person in the room, then you are in the wrong room". Leaving the safety of an already successful career might not always be pleasant, but the Full-time MBA certainly put me in the right room. It was full of nothing but role models, starting from the faculty of WBS staff, peers, alumni and many guest speakers. After the second week, the MBA really kicks in with the LeadershipPlus module, which is undoubtedly among everyone's favourite modules. Also, it provides an environment where our true personalities start to slowly come out. From then on, the adventure never stops, and it just gets better.


Curiously, the discoveries during the Full-time MBA start but never actually stop. Travel, people, food, companies, cultures, everything is there. In addition, the MBA starts with studying an unfamiliar language which is both useful and fun.

Personally, the most important discovery I have made was learning more about myself. How can we be better professionals if we do not firstly understand ourselves and others better? If we do not communicate the right messages, at the right moment, to the right people, if we do not have advocates on our side? The Full-time MBA really helps you to learn all of that, and it all starts right from the beginning.

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