What to consider before pursuing an MBA application

04 December 2023

Executive MBA participant, Sowmya Anandhi Rajan, explores the key factors she considered before making an MBA application.

In the pursuit of career advancement and leadership development, choosing the right Executive MBA programme is a critical decision. As an IT procurement professional from India aspiring to transition my career to London, I considered several factors to ensure that my Executive MBA unlocks powerful professional growth and helps me step up to the C-suite.

Reputation & Rankings
The first criterion that guided my decision-making process was the reputation and rankings of the business schools. Warwick Business School (WBS), renowned for its Executive MBA programme, stood out with its impressive rankings and positive feedback from industry professionals globally.

Secondly, I sought a curriculum to equip me with strategic leadership skills to accelerate my career. Warwick Business School’s Executive MBA offered a well-rounded curriculum that addressed the foundations of business, with a focus on Entrepreneurship as a specialism, which suited my needs perfectly.

Location & Format
The location of the business school also played a pivotal role in my decision-making process. Considering the demands of a part-time programme, I chose the Executive MBA programme at The Shard, London, a convenient location for attending lectures and networking events. The weekend format eased the challenges of juggling between work, family, and studies for me.

Finally, the financial considerations were another crucial aspect. I secured the Warwick Business School's "Inspiring Females" scholarship for the Executive MBA 2023-25, alleviating my financial concerns.

I engaged in a one-on-one discussion with representatives from the Executive MBA recruitment team at WBS, during which I gained insights into the diverse composition of the incoming cohort, encompassing individuals from various industries and possessing differing levels of professional experience. Additionally, I established connections with current students and alumni through social networks, seeking their perspectives on the programme.

The choice of the Executive MBA programme significantly impacted my career trajectory. Today, as I hold a leadership role at Transport for London (TFL), I attribute my career leap to the careful consideration of these key factors when choosing the right Executive MBA.