What to expect during your Warwick Weeks

18 June 2019

Distance Learning MBA participant, Shiuli Choudhary, reflects on her time spent on campus for her two residential Warwick Weeks and the benefits of face-to-face learning being embedded into the Distance Learning MBA programme.

The best of both worlds

Having been associated with the software development world for more than 13 years, I aspired to gain relevant knowledge in the field of Business Management, in order to move ahead in my career. With a full-time job and young children at home, I was looking for a flexible course which would enhance my knowledge and provide me with an edge over the competition. After extensive research, I found Warwick Business School’s Distance Learning MBA to be the most suitable course for my needs, with the majority of classes delivered online plus two face-to-face immersion weeks, popularly known as Warwick Weeks. In my opinion, this course is the best blend of face-to-face immersion and online content delivery and is unparalleled in the world. The two Warwick Weeks gave me unique exposure to the rich experience of the cohort from a variety of business sectors, be it energy, consumer goods, IT, life sciences or government/non-government sectors.

A rewarding experience

The first Warwick Week was thoroughly inspiring and provided me with the chance to meet my syndicate group members, with whom I had been teleconferencing for three months, as well as meet the rest of the cohort that I had already had numerous subject discussions with via my.wbs, the online study portal. The syndicate groups typically consist of a varied mix of experience, industry, culture and gender to embrace diversity and inclusion within the groups. It was a rewarding experience to meet the esteemed professors of Warwick Business School in person and be present in a physical class after many online live classes I had attended. The days throughout Warwick Week were well planned and appropriately used for study and group presentations. Evenings were equally valuable, with numerous optional CareersPlus initiatives and discussions, along with guest speakers presenting on current topics about work, business and personal skills. Needless to say, I also had plenty of opportunities to network with the cohort during dinnertime at the campus restaurants. The whole experience gave me a nostalgic feel, being on campus and living the student life once again. Along with rich business learning from the distinguished faculty and my international cohort, I made some very good friends for life.

An eagerly awaited reunion

The second Warwick Week was a much awaited event as I looked forward to a re-union with my study colleagues. You always feel welcome at the campus with the Distance Learning MBA programme managers and coordinators trying their best to make the learning experience both outstanding and enjoyable. There is no differentiation between on-campus and Distance Learning MBA students and all campus resources such as the library, syndicate rooms for collaborative study, sports centre and Warwick Arts Centre are open for exploration during the Warwick Weeks. I must admit that I felt completely at home being at a leading international business school campus. I am grateful that I got an opportunity to be part of the Warwick Business School community. I am proud to be associated with a world class Business Management course which is flexible for full-time working professionals but also accords immense exposure through an appropriate amount of face-to-face time with the professors and the classmates through the Warwick Weeks.

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