Why I chose to do a Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School

07 March 2019

Freddy Bob-Jones, a current Distance Learning MBA participant, explains why he chose to study a Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School.

Why did I decide to do an MBA?

Good question! I’ve always been interested in business issues and felt, despite almost two decades of work experience, including 10 years in management consulting, that I needed a comprehensive and rigorous business education framework to round things off and bring it all together. Operations management, leadership, strategy, business economics, finance/accounting and marketing are just some of the core concepts and frameworks I’ll be diving deep into over the coming two years. I’m looking forward to gaining a solid understanding of these concepts, how they fit to my particular business context and to also learn lessons from businesses operating in other interesting sectors.

Why WBS?

Firstly, I needed a combination of two things: a global facing business school with a strong and flexible distance learning programme (I currently live in Kenya with a full and demanding day job and a young family?-?so doing a full-time course wasn’t a feasible option for me) and a programme that represents value for money. WBS excels on both fronts. The Financial Times recently ranked the WBS Distance Learning MBA programme as the best in the world for the second year running and the MBA is exceptionally strong in terms of value for money.

I also like that the Warwick MBA puts a strong emphasis on practical application, entrepreneurship and innovation (these are things I’m really interested in and would like to explore in the international development space over the longer term). I’ve been really impressed by WBS so far in terms of the strong academic content, the online learning platform - my.wbs, fantastic career development resources and the sheer scope of great support resources, such as the WBS Library, to assist my studies. My MBA cohort are also a lively and diverse group of interesting professionals drawn from across the globe (187 people from more than 50 countries) and the programme is structured so that we get a chance to meet in person at WBS over the course of two residential weeks in our first year. 

The journey so far has been great with fantastic exchanges with my fellow students, deep insights built and fresh perspectives gained across our first two core modules: Operations Management and Leadership. I’m very much looking forward to my first opportunity to meet and interact in person with my fellow students and WBS academic staff at our first resident week at WBS and to continuing my experience on this exciting journey.

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