Why you should study the Distance Learning MBA

02 February 2021

"Overall, my experience on the WBS Distance Learning MBA programme has been amazing". Tomi Okelola summarises his process for choosing the right MBA programme and explains why the Distance Learning MBA (London) suited his requirements.

Are you are looking to move up the career ladder, either as a consultant thinking about taking up a senior full-time role or as an employee exploring opportunities to move up with your existing company? If so, I suggest that you consider studying an MBA.

For many years I had the desire to study an MBA, but never really took the step. My dilemma then was that I could not justify the cost against the benefit. And within the technology industry, there were views that an MBA may be irrelevant to bag the dream job or promotion.

I debated this in my mind for several years and decided to give up this dream until I came across an old friend who had just completed the Distance Learning MBA at Warwick Business School (WBS). The feedback she gave was awe-inspiring and reawakened my interest to do further research on the programme, asking myself the question again – should I study an MBA?

Now with an increased interest, I chose to speak with senior executives’ in technology and MBA alumni (particularly WBS) to get their view again on what the industry was like at senior leadership level and understand what value an MBA could offer when moving up the career ladder. The feedback received reaffirmed my thoughts originally – knowledge, building social capital, broader business/economic education and many more.

Satisfied with the ‘why’ I needed to outline my ‘how’, ‘where’ and ‘when’. As a consultant working for different clients with a tight work schedule, I thought I just did not have the time to enrol on such a programme; which is what most people think when looking into an MBA. After thorough research and reviews, WBS satisfied my how, where and when on many accounts. Besides, WBS remains one of the top business schools globally and came recommended as the number one distance learning MBA by reliable friends and colleagues, which simplified my decision to enrol on the Distance Learning MBA. 

While it will challenge you to be more hands-on with time/schedule management, the Warwick Distance Learning MBA provides a flexible learning programme which allows you to balance work and study. The WBS virtual learning environment (my.wbs) allows you to interact and learn with great minds worldwide and allows you to learn at your own pace. Furthermore, lectures and materials are done to a high standard and you can catch up on recordings, which is always very useful for those with tight work schedules.

Despite the global disruption to most sectors (especially education) due to Covid-19, Warwick’s proactive response and immediate adjustment to maintain high standard in their programme delivery approach via my.wbs, is a testament to the quality of education. This is evident from its ranking as number one for an online MBA for three consecutive years.

Overall, my experience on the WBS Distance Learning MBA programme has been amazing. I have acquired remarkable knowledge from the course modules and have applied some of the principles, models and framework into my daily work. I have learnt a lot, met fantastic people who will remain friends for life, and I am very excited about what the future holds, now all with increased confidence.

My message to anyone looking for the next challenge; think of studying an MBA and look nowhere else other than WBS. Do not hesitate like myself and delay, submit your application and invest in your career. It’s an excellent opportunity to expand and extend your skills, and you cannot go wrong with Warwick Business School on your CV… go for it! 

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