Why you should utilise the CareersPlus team during your MBA

21 April 2023

Distance Learning MBA* participant, Aidan Munday, shares how the CareersPlus team supported his MBA journey. 

Choosing to pursue an MBA programme is a significant decision that can enhance your professional credibility by equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and network required to advance your career. As a third-year online MBA student, I have experienced the challenges of balancing personal and professional responsibilities with MBA life. As I prepare to focus on my dissertation and complete my final modules, I have been asked to share my experience of the Careers, Leadership and Development service at Warwick Business School.

If you haven't already explored the Career Service tab on my.wbs, I highly recommend you do so. This service offers a range of support and online resources, including job boards, industry insights, and career advice. You can also benefit from one-to-one career coaching sessions, which provide personalised guidance on job applications and interview preparation. The service also hosts various events and workshops, such as networking sessions, career fairs, and employer presentations, giving you the chance to connect with potential employers and learn more about different career paths.

Achieving top marks is not the only aspect of an MBA. Based on my experience, I want to share with you three observations from my MBA studies:

Firstly, you may be studying remotely or in person, but your cohort is a ready-made network that you should utilise. Building relationships with classmates, faculty, and guest speakers is just as important as it is in a traditional on-campus programme. You can connect with them through virtual discussions, group projects, and online networking events, creating a global network of contacts that can be beneficial in your career.

Secondly, remember that an MBA is a marathon, not a sprint. Plan your interaction with the career service and focus on your transformation throughout your study period, whether it's a year, two years, or four years. For example, taking advantage of the Mentoring Programme in your final year can be advantageous after you graduate.

Finally, the focus is critical in an MBA programme. Aligning your dissertation purpose with your career goals is a prudent tactic. This will also help you select your modules and connect with like-minded colleagues and contacts who can help you move into your desired role or profession.

In conclusion, pursuing an MBA at Warwick Business School is a challenging yet rewarding experience. By utilising the resources available through the Careers, Leadership and Development service, staying organised and motivated, and building strong relationships with your cohort and faculty, you can emerge from the programme as that well-rounded, confident, and successful professional you want to be.

*Please note that the Distance Learning MBA is now titled Global Online MBA.

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