Achieving our Masters scholarships

13 February 2024

Current MSc students Arafat, Joshua and Seyma recount their experiences of securing their WBS scholarships, how they’ve helped them so far, and how you can successfully apply for yours.

Which scholarship did you attain?

Arafat: I achieved the WBS General Bursary, resulting in a 20% waiver on overall admission fees.

Joshua: Completing my undergraduate degree at Warwick made me eligible for the Warwick Undergraduate Scholarship, which meant an automatic 25% discount to my fees.

Seyma: I accrued the International Scholarship.

How did you secure your scholarship?

Joshua: Beyond the automatic scholarship for having been an undergraduate student at the University of Warwick, I also secured a further scholarship through WBS based on my academic and extra-curricular achievements – totally a 40% scholarship.

Securing a scholarship with WBS is a note-worthy achievement, both unlocking the door to an amazing degree opportunity at a top UK business school, as well as easing financial burdens.

Seyma: When applying for a scholarship, candidates need to demonstrate to the admissions team that their qualifications are worthy of support. Financial status is not the primary factor to be considered. I emphasised three critical components in my cover letter to secure the scholarship:

  • Why I want to join this programme
  • My background, skills, and experiences
  • My contribution - what I can bring to this programme?

Arafat: When writing my personal statement, I knew I had to make it stand out.

I demonstrated my motivation for a scholarship in my personal statement and outlined how I would be a changemaker in today’s dynamic world and how I would contribute that to society.

I concluded with a couple of instances of initiatives that I had taken academically and professionally and how those reflected my enterprising and go-getter nature.

Joshua: There are no prizes for being overly humble. You need to sell yourself to WBS and explain why they need you. For instance, one of my own examples, was about competing in powerlifting competitions through Warwick Barbell and achieving second place in Varsity when representing the University of Warwick.

I asked professors and others who I knew had already secured scholarships for advice when creating my application. Do not be afraid to seek advice from those around you when applying, without these people, I do not think I would have had the confidence to try and apply for a scholarship.

How has your scholarship helped you?

Seyma: Aside from financial benefit, achieving my scholarship significantly enhanced my career prospects, as it proves I had what it takes to stand out from the crowd and succeed.

The scholarship that I received from the university has enhanced my experience and motivated me to strive harder

Arafat: Attaining my WBS scholarship gave me a massive boost in my confidence. It helped me realise that my dedication was paying off.

It has opened up networking opportunities for me, as I got to meet other students with exceptional profiles and learn about their backgrounds. Last but not least, its generous amount has contributed significantly towards my overall tuition fees.

Joshua: I cannot be more grateful towards WBS because of how it has aided me throughout my first term. It is no secret that there is a current cost of living crisis within the UK and this is exacerbated further as a student.

By being awarded my scholarship, it has greatly helped towards a tightly constrained budget, as well as allowing me to still do the things I love without worrying too much about cost. You want to gain the most out of your degree without being limited by the worry of budgeting hanging over your head.

After all, a postgraduate degree is already a hard and complicated challenge on its own!

Any advice for others seeking a scholarship?

Arafat: Find what’s right for you – If you’re considering an external scholarship, look for the ones you’re eligible for. You can visit this page and filter your search based on your specifications.

Before applying, go through the WBS website and learn about its mission and purpose. Bonus tip: Don’t forget to include CORE values! Seek help if needed – Don’t shy away from reaching out to WBS alumni or the Careers team if you want to know more about WBS or your course in details.

Joshua: You need to create a standout application from the get go, highlighting your achievements as well as your strength of character. Essentially, what do you bring to WBS and why are you an exceptional candidate. Asking others for advice and guidance in crafting a strong personal statement is always beneficial.

Simply just by asking and seeking out opportunities about your application can stand you in good stead. Booking that appointment or talking to that particular member of staff can make all the difference in making you stand out.

Most importantly, do not be afraid to ask and put yourself out there when it comes to scholarships, it is your job to showcase why you deserve your scholarship to WBS.

Seyma: Conduct thorough research about WBS and the specific course you are interested in. Demonstrate to the admissions team that you have a clear understanding of your goals and expectations from the program.

Even if you don't have any professional work experience, it is important to include any extracurricular activities that you have participated in. These can demonstrate your ability to engage in projects, leadership, and teamwork, which are all valuable skills in any program offered by WBS.

Arafat: Don’t wait for the last minute to apply as scholarships are awarded on a rolling basis. As there is a specific allocation for funding scholarships, late applications might not be considered for scholarships if the volumes are too high.

Apply early!

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