Empowered by education: Transitioning my career in central banking

01 August 2023

Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation participant, Godwin Appiah Kubi, shares insights into his experience on the programme. 

After graduating from the University of Cape Coast with a Bachelors in Business Management, I joined the Bank of Ghana as an Analyst. My interest in the field led me to pursue Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation at Warwick Business School (WBS).

In 2020, I was given a lifetime opportunity by the Bank of England and WBS to be enrolled on the programme. I choose WBS for world-class education, study facilities, an industry lead curriculum, and a host of expert academics from a variety of disciplines. I expected these credentials would help build my expertise and prepare me for managerial roles in the very near future.

I have enjoyed the programme from my very first module. Group discussions, networking events and feedback sessions from lecturers has made learning very interactive. Also, there are societies and events tailored towards making students ready for industry. The programme includes talented and passionate lecturers who are apt and ready to assist students. This has made the WBS learning experience joyful and fun.  

The programme is academically rigorous and expertly tailored to industry to prepare the modern-day central banker for the changing economic, business and data-driven environment facing central banks across the world.

My studies at the University have provided me with the requisite skills, tools, and experience in central banking – from regulation and supervision to behavioural science and monetary policy. This has transitioned my career in examination to policy and regulation specialised deposit-taking institutions. Assignments, external resources, webinars and discussions provided throughout the programme has challenged my thinking and strengthened my expertise.

Upon graduation, my plan is to pursue a career involving supervision structures at the Bank of Ghana, aiming to fulfil the bank's mandate of regulating, overseeing, and guiding the banking and credit systems. This pursuit is essential to ensure the efficient functioning of a secure and stable banking system.

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