MSc Management 'Entrepreneurship' specialism galvanised my journey

28 February 2024

MSc Management graduate Omowonuola Jawando offers a fascinating insight into her WBS experience as she paints a picture of elective module tips, international trips and lasting friendships. This blog contrasts Omowonuola's experiences firstly after her first term, and secondly after graduating. 

One term in

My MSc Management course has already been everything I hoped it would be and more. The course offered me the opportunity to interact with different people from different cultures, with different business visions and career aspirations. Each module is tailored to prepare students for a long and meaningful career in management.

Specialise your skills

The course was reviewed and revamped for the 2022 intake, and a key component of this was the new Consulting and Entrepreneurship specialisms.

Many of my friends on the course are seeking a career in consulting, looking to evolve their skills in the field after having had internships at consulting firms. Others, like myself, have previously started businesses or brands and are hungry to develop our entrepreneurial expertise. Options like this allow you to tailor your degree to align with your intended career trajectory.

My Entrepreneurship module was explained in forensic detail by the programme team, who emphasised the key factors and potential benefits and challenges before making my decision. I am confident the skillset I am building will serve me well both professionally and personally.

Broaden your horizons

The ‘Consulting’ and ‘Entrepreneurship’ modules aren’t the only specialist elective modules on offer from the MSc Management course.

WBS teams up with highly-esteemed partner schools to provide unique optional international study opportunities. Previous locations have included Milan, Madrid, Lisbon, Brussels and Helsinki. It was the trip to the University of Cape Town Graduate School of Business, South Africa though, that stood out for me.

This module focuses on social innovation along with my main passion of entrepreneurship. The itinerary involves seminars at the University of Cape Town to learn and share theories and visions, as well as seeing how this theory is put into practice by visiting local businesses, small and large, to gain practical understanding of entrepreneurship in emerging economies.

Be a sponge

This is an intensive one-year programme, so absorb as much knowledge, experience and fun as you can in this short time. 

To get the most out of the first term, I suggest thoroughly immersing yourself in all activities the university offers. From the careers fairs, to volunteering opportunities, to social events, there is always something going on and a lot to learn from each experience. These activities have allowed me to interact with people from different business disciplines and exchange ideas as well as develop lasting friendships.

I would recommend MSc Management at WBS to anyone looking to study at a diverse, reputable, innovative institution. The course team is committed to ensuring the absolute best learning experience, with our future career endeavours at the forefront of everything they do.

Overall, my WBS experience has been everything it promised to be, and reflective of the standing the university has.

One year later

Soon after graduating in January 2024, I began my role as Associate Auditor at PwC UK. In particular, the Entrepreneurship specialism had a profound effect on my professional approach.

The modules instilled in me an entrepreneurial mindset, encouraging innovative thinking and the ability to venture beyond conventional boundaries. Understanding the intricacies of running a business has equipped me to engage more meaningfully with companies during audits.

The course itself helped develop discipline in my work ethic, contributing significantly to my effectiveness as an auditor. The Entrepreneurship specialism has been a cornerstone in fostering a holistic understanding of business dynamics, enhancing my capabilities in the field of auditing.

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