Online learning on the Global Central Banking & Financial Regulation Qualifications

28 March 2024

From applying your learning immediately to balancing home life, our participants in the Global Central Banking & Financial Regulation Qualifications share some of the key benefits of studying online. 

“One of my biggest concerns initially was balancing my work at ADB with the demands of the GCBQ. However, the flexible online learning format offered by WBS has been a game-changer. I can access course materials, and lectures, and participate in discussions at my own pace, strategically utilising evenings and weekends. The programme also offers excellent time management tools and support from professors and faculty staff, making it easier to juggle work and studies.” MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation participant, James Bediako

This was my first experience with online learning and I was suspicious at first, but as the modules unfolded, I realised the flexibility that such a system provides was of great value. Most likely I would not have been able to graduate the programme if fixed hours for the classes were established. In addition, without the possibility of online learning, it would have been impossible for me (and I think for most foreign students) to attend it.  Even online, the live interactions with the professors during the webinars and the possibility to add comments to the lessons kept up lively debates. Finally, it is also worth mentioning that this flexibility allowed me to pursue my career, as well as family responsibilities while continuing to study.” Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation qualifications participant, Bogdan Badescu

“One of the key advantages of this programme is the flexibility it offers, as it is taught entirely online, and there are no commitments throughout the modules except for the assessment dates; which are scheduled in advance with every module. This allows me to study at my own pace and align my studying schedule with my other responsibilities. For example, whenever I have a workload, I pause my study plans. Equally, I try to spare some time ahead of the assessments to prepare for them and watch the recorded webinars, as they require good preparation that corresponds with the programme quality.

Finally, the online nature of the programme brings a very diverse cohort, which provides insights into practices from different work domains and institutions all over the globe. This diversity also offers enriching networking opportunities which adds a lot of value to the programme.” MSc Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation participant, Sarah Darwish

“I realised that WBS offered a completely different learning experience from what I had experienced in the past. The course structure is tailored to allow students like myself with demanding day-to-day jobs, to be able to pace their learning while achieving success, but it does require commitment, dedication and lots of motivation, as would be expected for self-study online learning.

There was lots of material available to bolster the learning experience – videos, lesson transcripts and recordings of live sessions, just to name a few. I particularly liked that the material included lectures and discussions from real players in the central banking and regulations landscape, such as the Bank of England professionals. This added insight and validation to some of the concepts we engaged with over the different modules.” Global Central Banking and Financial Regulations qualifications participant, Kechewia Charles

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