Q&A with Commonwealth Scholarship holder Sinenhlanhla

11 April 2024

Q&A with, Sinenhlanhla Mbanjwa, a participant on the Global Central Banking and Financial Regulation qualifications and a Commonwealth Scholarship holder. 

Why did I choose to join the programme?

I am passionate about financial services and work in that sector to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements by non-bank financial institutions. I chose to join this programme as it perfectly aligns with my career goals and will enhance my knowledge of financial regulation and provide me with central banking competencies. The fact that this programme is in collaboration with the Bank of England also means I get the best from world-leading academics, central bankers and regulators. Knowing I would get all that experience without stopping work ticked all my boxes.

How has the Commonwealth Scholarship supported you? 

I knew the only way to join this programme would be through a scholarship, so I am grateful to have been awarded this scholarship on my first attempt, knowing there were many more applicants from other Commonwealth countries. Warwick Business School got me through the door by shortlisting my name after giving me an unconditional offer into the programme and leaving the final decision with the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission. You need that kind of support in your lifelong pursuit of knowledge.

The financial support has been life-changing, a huge financial weight was lifted off my shoulders. By being a Commonwealth Scholar and joining a community of over 30,000 scholars, I have gained access to development training resources, with guidance from a learning portfolio to help me investigate and address community development issues by engaging various partners and stakeholders. It has made me realise that I have the power and ability to influence others and to make an impact as a Change Maker through goal setting and intentional objectives, and then following through with the right action and evaluating their effectiveness. 

How are you finding the work/study balance?

It varies - sometimes I get overwhelmed with work and deadlines, but the programmes' flexibility has enabled me to catch up and adjust my pace. It has also allowed me to plan to work around my busier weeks, as I can access all the study materials when I finally settle down. Most of the material is downloadable, so I can always return to it.  

Have you been able to put your new learnings into practice in your current job?

I have learnt so much from the academic disciplines on the programme, especially with the application of real-world cases. This is having a great impact on how I view global finance and markets based on the behaviours of individuals, institutions and regulators. Not only that, but I also can apply this understanding to my work, as I work across all three.

How this programme will support your overall career journey/ your plan for the future?

This programme has ignited an interest in how the financial system works, not only locally but globally. It is also supporting my professional development goals by enhancing both my hard and soft skills. Not only do I get to interact with fellow students from around the world, but I am earning an international qualification from one of the top universities and business schools. It is an empowering and life-changing experience and confirms that I am on the right track. Whatever knowledge and experience I have in the regulation of financial services, I now have a chance to show evidence through this programme. 

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