The MSc community at WBS

16 June 2021

Our ambassadors describe the MSc community at WBS from the various different support systems in place for students, to working alongside and learning from other MSc students from all over the world.

Ann Mary Lal David, MSc Business with Consulting

From the first day of welcome week to date, the community at WBS has been greatly supportive. Even with the impact of COVID-19, the periods of lockdown, and with staff working from home, the guidance and support I have received during my time at WBS so far cannot be faulted.

The Masters Programme Team have provided us with constant updates, quick replies to enquires and help with any queries to course or modules. In addition to this, the CareersPlus team have held numerous workshops to help us reach our career goals, and I found the individual one-to-one careers coaching sessions to be greatly beneficial and insightful.

The Wellbeing Support Services team also send weekly emails to students informing us of the various events and sessions they are organising to ensure our welfare and wellbeing is being looked after. As well as this they personally called all the students who are living on campus to check on our wellbeing and to see how we were coping with the lockdown restrictions and if we required any support. I feel that during the COVID-19 pandemic both the WBS community and the wider university have doubled their support during this challenging time and have been extremely approachable regarding any issues or concerns that students may have.

The Masters Programme Team at WBS also ensure that students can interact and work with course mates from diverse backgrounds by allocating team members to the module groups. They conduct seminars for team-building exercises to promote collaboration between members. Working with students from different nationalities, educational backgrounds, and life experiences teaches you how to respect one another and learn new communication and team-building skills as you collaborate and work together. This gives you a corporate level experience when working with classmates who are not in your circle of friends. During my time at WBS so far I have learnt a lot from working with my classmates, their experiences are very insightful and have taught me the skills of how to work alongside and succeed with a diverse group of individuals.

Yuqing Zhang, MSc Business Analytics

During nearly six months of studying at WBS, I have enjoyed a lot of great services. In my first term when the COVID-19 restrictions allowed me to I was able to meet with some of my classmates in the WBS discussion room. This enabled us to take advantage of the advanced electronic equipment in the room to discuss our group projects.

I have really enjoyed utilising the services provided by the WBS CareersPlus team who have helped me tailor my CV for job applications, and I have also used the online mock interview service which I found really useful. The one-to-one careers coaching sessions are brilliant and the professional advice the careers coaches are able to provide is really beneficial. The employment-oriented teaching model at WBS has helped me determine my career goals, clarify my personal strengths, and find my own career path. In addition to this, the careers events and workshops organised by the CareersPlus team have helped me gain knowledge from industry experts. These events have also helped me realise that there are so many different fields of work within the business world for me to explore, which has greatly motivated me with my studies.

For the first time in my life, I feel that I am building friendships and opportunities on a global level. In my cohort, there are over 250 students from all over the world who I am able to learn from each and every day. When we are working on assignments or group projects, I have found that my classmates are incredibly open-minded, and dealing with challenges together has given us a great opportunity to bond and build strong friendships.

My experience at WBS so far has been unbelievable, and it has definitely exceeded any expectation I had prior to starting my course. Studying with such a diverse group of individuals has provided me with an incredible and valuable network, from the students I have met on my course to the professional connections I have made in the world of business.

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