A day in the life of a BSc Management student

15 February 2021

BSc Management student, Vidhi shares her typical day during the COVID-19 pandemic. From current restrictions which have given her time to develop new skills and hobbies, to focusing on her fitness and wellbeing, find out more about Vidhi’s undergraduate experience.

A BSc Management student’s life is filled with enthralling, unforgettable and unique experiences, and I for one learn something new every day. After attending your lectures and seminars, you have the freedom to plan the rest of your day, and in this blog, I will share a glimpse into a day in my life as a BSc Management student at Warwick Business School.

I wake up at 8:30 am, take a look at my e-calendar and see the classes and events I have lined up for the day. After getting ready, I walk into the kitchen and have a quick breakfast with my flatmates, I then head out for my seminar. I walk to WBS for my CORE: Foundations, Skills and Debates seminar. This module aims to establish our base understanding within management to support us for the years ahead. In this seminar, I learn about academic writing skills which are crucial due to the significant difference between essay writing at high school and university. This seminar also helped me understand what markers look for when assessing our essays.

After class, my friends are at the Piazza waiting for me, and we walk towards the Oculus to work on our respective group assignments. I sit down in the Oculus and begin studying whilst the delicious smell of waffles from the café downstairs lingers in the air. At 2:00 pm, we head over to Curiositea for our regular Panini and a tasty gingerbread latte too! After lunch, I said goodbye to my friends and arrange to meet them at 6:00 pm for our Zumba class.

I then walk back to my accommodation as I have to conduct a Skype interview with a principal stakeholder of WMG for my job as a Peer Student-Led Evaluator at the Student Union. During the interview, we asked the WMG member a series of questions and I document her responses for us to refer to when creating our final report. I have only been working for a couple of weeks but this job has already significantly improved my transferable skills. As this is my first part-time job, prior to submitting my job application I sought support from the WBS CareersPlus team. The team reviewed my CV and provided me with vital feedback to help me make improvements.

Later on, I grab a quick snack and rush back to campus for a society meeting. I meet my team at the Rootes Building Grid. We discuss the requirements of our operations team to facilitate our next event, which is a stall selling Indian tea and snacks. I was assigned responsibility for selling the food and drink items on the day. Afterwards, I walk back to my accommodation, get ready and grab my water bottle for an evening fitness class. I have been consistently going to fitness classes each week as they are a great way of relieving stress and keeping fit. Personally, I prefer fitness classes in comparison to the gym as they have set structures and an instructor present to help you progress.

Before I knew it, the class was over, and my friends and I walk back towards our accommodation, chatting along the way about going to Leamington Spa tomorrow for lunch. Leamington Spa has multiple restaurants and shops and is quite popular amongst students, with buses going towards the town every 15-30 minutes. Upon reaching my accommodation, I get ready for dinner. My flatmate and I prepare our dinner and then watch a movie on Netflix.

The pandemic has changed my typical day in several ways, yet the opportunities continue to be limitless. I am currently at home and studying online which has enabled me to work on my cooking skills. I had previously been eating microwave meals since my first year! However, I now have the skills to cook for myself which has become one of my new-found hobbies, along with baking. Due to the current restrictions, I sadly cannot see my friends in person. Instead, my friends and I have study sessions over Zoom and movie nights through Netflix Party.

In terms of exercise, I loved my fitness classes at the Sports Hub, and I cannot find an alternative which matches it, although I have started to go on runs. I’ve found running to be a great way to de-stress, and the town I live in has some lovely running routes filled with beautiful sights. I would love to return to the normality we had prior to the COVID-19 pandemic but, as this isn’t possible, I’ve been focusing on the perks of online classes. My favourite perk is that I can sit in my pyjamas and watch early morning lectures with a cup of hot chocolate in my hand!

I hope you have enjoyed an insight into my typical day as a BSc Management student. My final piece of advice to other students in the same situation is to take advantage of this time and make the most of every opportunity to learn something new.

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