Alumni insight: Meet Edouard Chopinaud
21 March 2019

A snapshot into my journey from WBS undergrad to Google.

I was lucky enough to know from a young age what career I wanted to pursue and combining my passion for technology with my taste for entrepreneurship has been my chosen career path.

The ambition to work in the technology sector comes from a desire to tackle complex problems and for my actions and work to have a positive influence on people's lives.

Warwick Business School (WBS) was the perfect place to complement my practical experience with cutting-edge theoretical knowledge and bring my skillset to the next level.

The experience provided much more than mere academic knowledge. The international openness as well as the numerous opportunities offered by WBS are endless.

The support provided by the WBS CareersPlus team is precious: checking your CV, interview preparation and skills workshops.

After graduation, whilst at Microsoft I was approached by Google to work as an Account Manager. Google is an amazing company that will always challenge the status quo. A fresh outlook and the ability to think outside the box are required.

Edouard studied BSc Management at WBS. Read his blog ‘My journey from studying at WBS to working at Google’ here.

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