Best places to socialise on campus

19 June 2024

Undergraduate student, Eugenia, shares her favourite spots on campus to socialise with friends and meet new people.

With exceptional facilities and spacious grounds, there are many places for socialising on the University of Warwick campus. Here are a few of my favourite places to catch up with friends and meet new people!

The Sports HubSport Hub

The Sports and Wellness Hub is a fantastic place to socialise in a sporty and active environment, as its large, modern facilities allow for a wide range of physical activities. Here, students can keep fit by going to the gym with their friends, making their workouts more entertaining. Furthermore, many sports societies and clubs, such as the squash and water polo clubs, hold their activities in the Sports Hub, making it a popular meeting place. You can also take a dip in the pool (followed by a well-deserved sauna session) or even book a football pitch to play with your friends after class.

Food trucks

Every Wednesday in the campus centre, next to the piazza, Food trucksnumerous food trucks line up, offering a delicious alternative to students' meals. From Sri Lankan dishes, burgers, souvlakis, and sweet crepes to the ever-popular samosas, the food trucks are a lively meeting point each Wednesday.

This weekly event provides an opportunity to take a break from studying and enjoy a moment with friends while tasting food from different countries and culinary styles! Situated right in the heart of campus, it creates a dynamic atmosphere and is very convenient as it brings different restaurants to the comfort of campus. Whether grabbing a quick bite or staying for lunch, the food truck event has become a cherished tradition at the university, fostering a sense of community among students.

The Piazza

The piazza is the heart of the university, making it the main meeting place for students. Especially during the warmer months, the piazza is bustling with students sitting on the steps, chatting with their friends, or enjoying their lunch in the open air (perhaps grabbed from the food trucks!).Piazza

Being a central point on campus, it also serves as a platform for societies to promote themselves and their activities. From setting up stalls to sell tickets in person, offering baked goods to raise money or hosting promotional events like the salsa society's open-air dance, the piazza serves as a showcase for the many groups the university has to offer.

The piazza then transforms into a place to enjoy with friends - it's where students gather to socialise and immerse themselves in the atmosphere of campus life.

The Library

The library is one of the most important places for students at Warwick, as many of us spend a large part of our day there. Luckily, several spaces on the ground floor can be used as spots to socialise and recharge during busy days on campus.

You'll find the Café Library, a canteen-style space that offers a place to eat conveniently close to your study area. With a variety of daily menus, the Cafe serves up freshly cooked food and prepared items such as sandwiches and paninis. There is also a dining area where you can heat up your home-cooked food while sitting comfortably and enjoying it with your friends. These spaces enhance the library experience, providing a convenient way to take a break and meet up with friends, while perfectly adapting to the long hours of study and academic schedules.


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