Exploring Warwick Campus in the Winter: Chloe’s Top Five Locations

18 January 2021

In this blog, student ambassador Chloe covers all of the must see locations on campus for when you go on a winter walk.

They say clothes maketh the man; I say campus maketh the university.

The University of Warwick’s campus spans 720 acres just on the outskirts of Coventry, very much putting to shame Winnie-the-Pooh’s hundred-acre woods. No matter the time of the year, the campus is always dressed in finery, each season ushering in a new set of colours, a new atmosphere and a whole new generation of wildlife. So even though it is my third and final year here at the university (I am studying BSc Accounting & Finance), I am still discovering new locations on campus all the time. If you have the opportunity this winter to explore a bit of the university’s campus, here are some places totally worth braving the cold for.

Cryfield Sport Pitches

Serenity factor: 4/5

Wildlife factor: 1/5

Instagram factor: 5/5

The views that you get from the sports pitches are truly some of the most amazing ones you will find on campus. Mostly because there is actual terrain in this part of the campus that you rarely find elsewhere. The great expanse of sports pitches contrasts against the rolling hills and scenic view in the background, making for a very picturesque scene indeed. It is even more amazing if you manage to catch the last rays of daylight here. This is also the starting point of a path that extends all the way to Kenilworth, a quaint little town not far from the university. So, if you are the type of person who enjoys taking a leisurely stroll every now and then, this area is perfect for you.

Also, when summer comes around, this place with its big open space is the perfect spot for an outdoor picnic with your friends.

Tocil Pool Jog

Serenity factor: 4/5

Wildlife factor: 5/5

Instagram factor: 3/5

This short walking path starts off somewhere near Claycroft, stretches behind Arthur Vick and Jack Martin, and ends right behind Bluebell. It’s a really lovely walk alongside a pond, with benches dotted sporadically along the path for you to kick back and enjoy watching a duck take its bath in the pond. I assure you, no matter the time of the year or the time of the day, you won’t fail to see some aquatic life in the pond. This path also brings you past an allotment that is managed by Warwick’s Allotment Society. Of course, it is quite bare in winter, but when spring arrives, you can always pop by to take a look at how the plants are growing!

For those of you who are staying in Bluebell or who are intending to stay there, consider taking this lovely alternative path as an alternative when you are heading to Tesco for your weekly shopping. Be warned though, if you are heading there after a day of rain, be sure to wear a pair of wellies or risk regretting it later on (yes, sadly, am speaking from experience).

Warwick’s Christmas Tree

Serenity factor: 3/5

Wildlife factor: 1/5

Instagram factor: 5/5

Every year without fail, Warwick will put up a Christmas tree at this very spot right in front of the Lord Bhattacharyya Building. Although the tree has taken on a more minimalist fashion style, it still makes for a nice picture when it is lit up in the evening. You would not want to miss out on such an iconic spot, would you?

Besides, this is also a chance for you to admire the Lord Bhattacharyya Building, one of the most impressive buildings on campus. Even a self-proclaimed nature lover such as I can appreciate the building’s modern architecture and skilfully designed water feature on the outside grounds.

The lake opposite The Slate

Serenity factor: 5/5

Wildlife factor: 3/5

Instagram factor: 4/5

One of the lesser-known spots for pictures is the lake that is directly opposite The Slate, a building used for conferences. Admittedly, this area is not as well manicured as Claycroft’s fields or Tocil’s walking path, but I find beauty in the slightly more wild nature of the area.

Furthermore, you can also see Warwick Business School in the background of the lake at a different angle from the more common frontal view of the Business School. It may just be because of my identification with my department, but I have an affinity for this spot even if it does not attract much attention from the rest of the students.

The Waters of Lakeside / Heronbank

Serenity factor: 5/5

Wildlife factor: 5/5

Instagram factor: 5/5

If you are one of the fortunate few who stay in Lakeside or Heronbank, you will know just how tranquil and picturesque it is around the big lake responsible for the naming of the accommodation. If you still haven’t got enough of aquatic wildlife or if you just want to stare at a body of water to help calm your mind, this is the best place to be. Especially so in the early morning when people have yet to awake from their slumber. But what draws me to this place the most is the elegant and graceful willow trees which you can find still green and gently swaying in the breeze even in winter.

Now, all we need is a little snow and the campus will be transformed into a magical place.

You can find out more about different routes on campus via the Warwick Sport website.

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