From Fresher to Finalist: Chloe's Journey at WBS

25 February 2021

Final year student, Chloe shares how her journey at WBS increased her confidence and enabled her to bring a positive change to the student experience via the SSLC.

It seems like not too long ago that I was that short girl fumbling my way through the WBS building trying to find the right lecture theatre. Some things have changed and some things haven’t (take a wild guess), but what I can say for sure is that I have enjoyed every part of my journey here at WBS.

Moving onto campus

Prior to joining WBS, I was studying at a junior college in Singapore and had never been to the UK. So you can imagine just how much of an adventure it was to arrive at my on-campus accommodation, Tocil, with my unbelievably-full luggage in hand. Although it was my first time away from home, and staying in shared accommodation, I found that it was a fun and refreshing experience.

I liked the fact that I could pop into my friend’s room just across the corridor and exchange the latest gossip or news. I enjoyed lots of fun times with my flatmates, such as baking Christmas cupcakes together as part of a competition organised by our Tocil residential life team.

Societies and activitiesChloe with SSLC

I wanted to make the most of my university experience so, in my first year, I threw myself into various societies and events. I attended some language classes organised by the Japanese society, I got involved in the production of a play by the Malaysian society, I tried and tested the various food options at the monthly food market, and I explored every nook and cranny of Warwick’s large campus.

But the most meaningful experience, and the one which contributed most to my personal development, came from joining the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC). As the name implies, the committee is comprised of student representatives and academic staff members who liaise with each other about the issues that students face in order to bring about meaningful change to the student experience at WBS. Being quite a shy and reticent person, it sounded like quite a big challenge to take on (I mean, even the name was intimidating). However, I really did want to expand my horizons at university, and joining the SSLC provided the perfect opportunity to try something I had never done before.

During the SSLC meetings, we take turns raising issues based on any feedback that we have collected from our course mates. Normally, a short discussion between the staff and student representatives will ensue, and concrete actions or suggested solutions will be proposed to address the issue. Being part of these discussions and learning to speak up on behalf of my course mates really boosted my confidence in speaking to an audience. I think, almost unconsciously, I developed the clarity needed for explaining, the volume needed for projecting, and the ability to be proactive in order to be the first to speak, alongside many other valuable traits.

The student voiceChloe with SSLC

I also came to realise that, at WBS, students’ voices and opinions are really valued and are indispensable in contributing towards improvements that the Business School makes. Back in junior college or high school in Singapore, this element of the student voice was not one that was prominently featured or encouraged, so I never realised how important it was. In a sense, I felt like I have matured; previously, I had always only enjoyed experiencing things in the very moment, however, I now enjoy being involved in things that can bring about a positive change for others in the future.

Even now, in my final year, I am still part of this amazing committee, and I am still learning many things from my peers, who are just as dedicated to the student experience here at WBS. While future students’ journeys at WBS may differ from mine, it is humbling to know that my time on the committee has positively impacted the way that their experiences will turn out.

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