From Fresher to Finalist: Sanskruti's journey at WBS

25 July 2022

Final year student, Sanskruti shares how her journey at WBS increased her confidence and enabled her to develop on both a professional and personal level.

I am a fourth-year student at Warwick Business School studying BSc International Management with Finance. My journey at WBS has been absolutely splendid. I remember joining WBS as an introvert without having any idea about how I would develop both professionally and personally from being a part of the WBS community. Looking back at my experience here, three things stand out to me from my experience of studying here which I would like to share with you in this blog.


The first thing is the brilliant societies that I’ve had the chance to be part of.  In my first year, I was part of AIESEC at Warwick where I had the opportunity to travel to Cambodia as part of a volunteering teacher exchange programme. I travelled alone, made a global family, and adapted to their Khmer style of living. By the end of the exchange, I was speaking their language.


Also, in my first and second year, I was a part of Warwick Volunteers society where I participated in Kidz camp and had the opportunity to follow my passion for helping others and giving something back to the local community. During my second year, I was also part of the Warwick Bollywood Dance society where I represented Warwick at Gracepoint Theatre in London. I feel that the societies I have been involved with during my time at WBS have enabled me to meet lots of wonderful people who have turned out to be some of my closest friends.

Year Abroad

The second thing that has stood out to me during my time at WBS has been the global opportunities.  Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, I had the opportunity to travel to Switzerland and study at the University of St. Gallen as part of my year abroad experience during term one. In my second term, I studied virtually at Bocconi University. A key highlight of my year abroad experience in Switzerland was the fact that every weekend I travelled alone to a new place. I met people in student rental hotels, went hiking with them, and by the end of my time there I had met over 15 different people from different nationalities and was living my best Swiss life! I still remember being able to order my meal in German for the first time during my tenth week of being there where I had managed to learn the language by interacting with the natives.

Careers support

The final thing that has stood out to me during my time at WBS has been the brilliant CareersPlus service. Working closely with the careers team I was able to secure a summer internship at the end of my third year at Lloyds Banking Group. From checking my CV, helping me prepare for interviews, and providing one-to-one support and coaching the team have been motivating and helpful at all times. I feel that my internship experience at Lloyds Banking Group aided my learning curve at WBS as it brought me closer to understanding what I wanted to do with my career once I graduate from WBS.

As I enter the final few terms of my journey at WBS I feel I have grown as a person and become a lot more confident. I have tried to grab every opportunity available to me to challenge myself and fulfil my full potential. Overall, the past four years at WBS have been an incredible journey where I have rediscovered myself, made new friends every step of the way, overcome challenges, and learned to adapt to new situations which I feel will be key skills for the rest of my life.

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