Healthy habits of a third-year student

19 May 2023

BSc Management Student Charlotte shares the healthy habits she has incorporated into her daily routine whilst at university.

Stay active

While we all have different fitness preferences it’s important to stay active alongside your university routine. For me, I find beginning my day at the state-of-the-art Sports & Wellness Hub with a workout is the best way to feel refreshed and ready. At the University of Warwick, there’s also the opportunity to join one of the 65 student-led sports clubs to maintain an active lifestyle whilst having fun! From football and cheerleading to lacrosse and boxing, there’s truly something for everyone.

Manage your screen time

Another great way to maintain a healthy routine can be by taking some screen-free time outside. As a campus university, we are lucky enough to have acres of green space and to be immersed in nature with walking trails, lakes and a nature reserve. Taking half an hour out of your day to increase your step count and get some air is a great way to burn some calories while enhancing your head space.

Structure is key

Looking after yourself can also include good time management and shaping your day to be more productive. Having some structure to your day and a good routine helps to ensure you have adequate time for relaxation. A part of the time can be ensuring you have a sufficient sleep schedule alongside regular breaks from work throughout the day.

Fuel your body and mind

Moving away from home can be a big adjustment, as can cooking yourself meals! While it took some adjustment and planning I now am in a routine where I home-cook all my meals. I find cooking with flatmates a great way to do this. There’s also a range of grocery stores available as well as pop-ups such as the Wednesday market on the central piazza of campus which has a range of fresh options available. Eating the right foods helps to fuel your body throughout your busy university routine and can improve your mood and learning ability.

It is so important to consider your mental health while at university, and the habits that you can incorporate to uphold this. For me, a key part of this is surrounding myself with friends and loved ones -  from connecting with flatmates over a meal, grabbing a coffee with a coursemate after a lecture, or staying connected with friends and family.

It’s important to remember that everyone’s routines and habits are different and it can take a bit more time to find what works for you! The university is also there for any support, from free yoga sessions to doggy distress days WBS will support your stress management. And of course, if you do feel that you are struggling Warwick Wellbeing Support Services is there to help.

If you would like more advice regarding balancing your university lifestyle or would like to read more about the well-being resources available at Warwick please see here.

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