How Chavi's experience at WBS has shaped who she is today

17 October 2019

From getting involved in volunteering opportunities to making the most of the support from lecturers, in this blog BSc Management alumna, Chavi, shares her top experiences during her three years at WBS.

Experiences make you the person you are today, and my three years studying BSc Management at Warwick Business School (WBS) gave me an experience of a lifetime. The University of Warwick is a small world in itself, almost giving you a ‘practice run’ at living independently and providing you with a life-changing experience in a safe and secure environment. Now that I have been working on my own business in India for the past year and a half, I can safely say that I learnt so much at WBS that I have found useful now starting my career. There are so many opportunities for you to engage with new experiences whilst at WBS and I will share with you my top four experiences.

  1. Studying in the Create Space

The teaching style at WBS focuses on using lots of different techniques so you can clearly understand what you are being taught. I really enjoyed working in the Create Space, which is a large open room within the WBS building and is the perfect area to work on group projects, role-play activities and case study discussions. I also used this space to work on a group project that was based on a collaborative video documentary based on the importance of business ethics as a manager. Whilst working on this project we realised the importance of teamwork and looking at the bigger picture rather than focusing on the smaller details.

  1. Gaining first-hand experience in the business worldChavi with classmates

As an undergraduate, you are often faced with a multitude of career choices with the option of pursuing a career of personal interest or pursuing a career with maximum personal benefit. With the help of the WBS CareersPlus team at WBS, the faculty and the alumni network I was able to secure internships in different industries allowing me to make an informed decision about my future career. During my first year I secured an internship at Accenture as a Strategy Intern where I learnt about the role of a consultant which was one of the fields I have always been fascinated with. In my second year I worked at a luxury International Realty firm as a Financial Analyst. Both these experiences have been detrimental in helping me to discover my future career path as well as encouraging my entrepreneurial spirit.

  1. Engage with activities outside of your studies

I would encourage all students at WBS to take up a volunteering activity or get involved in the numerous societies that are available on campus. I was part of the Warwick Volunteers group during my three years studying at WBS and I ended up becoming part of the Executive Committee. I was the Media & Communication Officer and in my tenure, I tried to formalize student participation by encouraging the log hour system to record individual contribution along with which I got in touch with the University Radio station called Raw to market our organization. I also joined the Warwick Blackout society, which is a sustainability society and became the Operations Officer. I was involved in organising events whereby all the lights around campus were switched off and during this time we would organise performances and food stalls providing entertainment. It was a fantastic experience to be involved with and it felt good to contribute towards the issue of sustainability that is something many students are passionate about. Alongside this, I cross-integrated my participation in both the organisations by setting up marketing stalls for the societies in each other’s events, mobilising increased participation in both.

Chavi at graduation

  1. Build relationships with your lecturers and personal tutor

It is one thing to network with your fellow students but WBS gives you the opportunity to interact closely with your lecturers and personal tutor as well who are there to support you in your educational journey. I built great relationships with my lecturers and personal tutor who I am connected with on LinkedIn and still speak to now. In a few testing times of extreme workload, group differences or mitigating circumstances due to sudden injury, my personal tutor and the Undergraduate Programme team were all there to support me.

My experience at WBS has fully prepared me to achieve my personal and career goals and since leaving WBS I have started my own firm by expanding my family business’s current portfolio at Vista Information Systems. I will also shortly be starting a Masters in Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Management along with a certification in Financial Engineering.

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