How I chose my first year accommodation

05 May 2022

Our BSc Accounting & Finance ambassador, Sneha highlights the key things you should consider when choosing your first accommodation.

I initially found it quite confusing when exploring the right accommodation at Warwick especially with the wide range of accommodations available, also with each one having distinct pros and cons. The range of accommodation provided at the University of Warwick is incredible, with each accommodation being within a walking distance of the central campus. Below are a few tips on doing your research on the best accommodation for you.

  1. Extensive Research – To learn further about the accommodation available, I used Google Earth to virtually see the various accommodations around campus so that I could learn what type of facilities are around campus and the convenience of accommodation to central campus. There are also tons of student blogs and YouTube videos that show personal experiences with the accommodations at Warwick. This is a great way to see other students experiences to help you make a better decision. The university website itself provides a high-level overview of each accommodation which makes it easier to choose something you prefer.
  2. Explore your preferences – Take a look at some factors such as the below that may affect your choice of accommodation. Consider what really matters to you when choosing your place to live. This could be living in a quieter area, living next to your main department building, next to the sports facilities etc.

The below tips are things I considered when choosing my first-year accommodation:


Location played a key role when choosing my accommodation. I wanted a place that was both close to central campus, and other facilities (students union, library, cafes). Being new to campus, it was easier for me to live closer to central campus so that I was able to access every facility nearby, thus, I chose to live in Jack Martin. Some accommodations like Lakeside and Heron Bank are located in a very green area and are close to WBS. Sherbourne is located next to the sports facility, whereas Westwood is on the outskirts of campus but is closer to local shops.


Price is quite important when looking at accommodation. Depending on your budget, given that you are going to have personal expenses besides paying for uni and accommodation, there is a range of accommodation at Warwick with different pricing, so you will always have an accommodation choice that is suitable for you. The more expensive accommodations will have a better standard of furniture, for example, Bluebell has a bigger bed compared to Jack Martin however both are located on central campus. You should consider the price and whether additional facilities are important to you.

Let Period/ Length

Let periods vary from 35 – 44 weeks, I chose Jack Martin (35 week let period) this Let period meant that I had to move out in my second term and then move back in for my third term – this was quite a hassle, however, it worked best for me because of Covid-19 and I did not end up coming back for my third term. However, as all seems to be back to normal, I would highly recommend you consider whether you are willing to move out in the second term. Especially as an international student, it can be quite a hassle placing all of your belongings in storage in between terms 2 and 3. Lastly, also consider that the let period determines the rent you will pay for the year depending on the price per week.

En-suite vs Shared Bathroom

We have some halls that are en-suite and some that have shared bathrooms. Of course, most students’ first choice would be en-suite for purposes like personal space. However speaking to a lot of students who lived in shared accommodations, it was not the worst experience as all students have different routines, and besides, having shared bathrooms tend to reduce the accommodation rent.

Overall, the campus of Warwick University is absolutely beautiful, thus, wherever you choose to live, your experience will truly be amazing. The campus is very welcoming with lots of space, greenery, and amazing views. 

If you would like to know more about student accommodation at Warwick, you can find out more on the Warwick Accommodation website.