How to find the right society for you

10 February 2020

Looking to join a society at Warwick? In this blog, BSc Management student Zari shares the societies that she is currently a part of alongside giving her top tips so that you can find the right society for you.

When I first started at Warwick Business School (WBS) to study BSc Management, I honestly didn’t think I would join that many societies however it has been one the best things I have done, and it has made my time here so much more enjoyable. In my first year, I decided to join the Caribbean Culture Society (CCS) and Warwick Volunteers, and since returning for my second year, I have also joined Warwick University Calisthenics Society (WUCS) and started attending Warwick Inspire socials. I would like to share with you some more information about these amazing societies that I am a part of to help inspire you to find one that matches your interests, as I believe there is something out there for everyone.

Zari with friendsCaribbean Culture Society (CCS)

CCS focuses on bringing West Indian students together as well as any other students who want to learn more about the Caribbean culture. Joining CCS was probably the easiest decision for me because it was a great way for me to manage being so far away from home. I think a lot of students find comfort in partaking in societies from their home countries because it provides you with a sense of familiarity, especially if you are moving overseas to come to university. The CCS society was established in 2018 which was also my first year at university so I joined the society when it was first set up. I was fortunate enough to be a ‘fresher’s rep’ last year which meant that I was able to contribute to a podcast discussing Caribbean culture and what it is like to move to the UK which was really enjoyable.This year I am part of the executive team as one of the Events Co-ordinators, giving me the chance to plan exciting and memorable events as well as being able to meet lots of new people whilst promoting the society. It is a brilliant society to be a part of and I would definitely recommend for current students to attend our events if you are curious about learning more about the Caribbean culture.

WUCSWarwick University Calisthenics Society (WUCS)

WUCS is a new society that I joined this year, using little equipment, calisthenics is about incorporating gymnastics to improve fitness and strength. During a normal training session we do a variety of handstands, pull ups, push ups and jump squats which are incorporated into fun and exciting games. On campus there is an outdoor gym area which is free to use called the Activity Zone where we train. Prior to joining this society, I would have been scared to even try a handstand but now I can do them with ease! The WUCS is great fun and allows me to keep fit at the same time which is my ultimate goal. Besides training, WUCS is known to have really good social events where I have met lots of new people outside of my studies.

Warwick Volunteers

The purpose of Warwick Volunteers is to give back to the Coventry community. Volunteering has always been one of my passions because it allows me to assist others with my strengths and help to make others’ lives better. Retired Rewired was a great project I was involved with aimed at helping elderly citizens learn more about their digital devices. I feel that volunteering projects are really rewarding and there are so many great opportunities for current and future students to get involved, from tutoring children in the community, assisting the elderly to volunteering in local museums, hospices and community centres.

Warwick InspireWarwick Inspire

A great way to make new friends is also by attending society socials; I currently attend Warwick Inspire socials as I think the society really puts an effort into their social events. Warwick Inspire is another volunteering society on campus but centred around enlightening secondary school students about higher education. I attended the games night at the beginning of the term to support one of my good friends and I was hooked since then. Fun fact to note is that I found out about WUCS at said games night. For their domestic tour, we explored London by visiting Waterloo and Southbank. On our walking tour, we stopped to take pictures on the London Bridge as well as in Covent Gardens after a delightful Moroccan meal. In addition, we passed by the Christmas Markets, on our way to a theatre production, to snack on some warm Churros. As an international student, it was also an educational tour as the exec members gave us fun facts about London which was really interesting.

Top tips for finding the right society for you

My top tips for current and future students who are looking at joining a society would be:

  • Identify your interests

Once you know what you are passionate about you can find societies on campus that are aligned with your interests. For example, if you enjoy playing chess then the Chess Society will enable to explore your area of interest further whilst meeting new people with similar interests to you.

  • Step outside of your comfort zone

There are so many societies and sports clubs available on campus you have the perfect opportunity to try something new. You never know you may discover a new passion or find out more about your likes and dislikes whilst making new lifelong friends.

  • Taster sessions

You may not be sure of what society or sports club you want to join so make the most of the tasters sessions which happen in week one of term one. The taster sessions provide a great way to find out if a society or sports club is the right fit for you. During term one I had the most amazing time at a Warwick Salsa taster session learning the basics of salsa dancing. It’s the perfect opportunity to try something new!

  • Form your own society

If none of the current societies interest you then you can always form your own society if you feel like there is something missing on campus, where you can meet likeminded people with similar interests to you.

Just have a think about what you would like to do alongside your studies and go for it! I have and I have made some amazing friends because of it.

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