How to make the most of your time at the University of Warwick

21 August 2018

For the students getting ready to start university this time of the year can be exciting but it is also a big change and for some the first time moving away from home. We asked second year student Nadia to list her top tips when it comes to transitioning into University life.

This part of the year is very special at Warwick Business School (WBS), not only are we wishing farewell to the undergraduate finalists but it’s almost time to welcome the new first year students. Many positive future aspirations are present both on and off campus, both for everyone tearfully joyful to leave and excitedly awaiting to start their university experience. For both, it is the time for an adventurous new chapter to open. I am personally right in the middle of this time period: two years until I graduate and two years of already having completed my study. I may not know what graduating university feels like just yet, or what exactly comes after, but I do have some knowledge of what it feels like to leave secondary school and enter higher education. Thus, with great pleasure, I present to you my top five tips on preparing to come to Warwick and making the most of university life at Warwick.

Tip number one: It is okay to feel nervous

For all the students starting at WBS, going to university means leaving home, and for many it also means leaving the country that they call home and moving to the UK. This can be quite scary at times. When the time comes that you start thinking about going off to University you will probably feel nervous but also excited as you have so much to look forward to. Just remember that everyone else will be feeling the same and try to focus on the excitement instead of the nerves. Once you arrive, get to know your flat mates and attend some of the fresher’s events you will feel more relaxed and start to think about all the amazing opportunities that are going to come your way over the next three or four years.  

Tip number two: Time management is king

What I found out when I first came to Warwick was that there were so many daily life tasks that I had to think about and manage. I believe this aspect of the student life can be a quite tricky to get around, especially if it your first time living away from home. You have to do things like grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning, by yourself. Whilst making time for studying is something you are already used to, making time for chores might require some effort - it did for me! However, once you settle in, you will have enough time for hitting the books, brooms and bars. Your housemates are also there to help you if need be.

Tip number three: Homesickness is not a sickness

When you move to campus for your first year, no matter how far away from home you are, it is quite common to feel homesick. Of course, all your friends and family are just a call away, but sometimes you may not be able to call them at any time of the day, and this can be more of an issue for students who have to bear in mind a time difference. This is why before coming to Warwick I decided to make sure that I have something from every family member and close friend that I can take to university, so that I have a piece of home with me at any time. You may choose a different way to feel connected to home, but whatever that may be, having a little reminder of home can really help you settle in to university life.

Tip number four: Social media is not just for likes

I strongly recommend using social media to chat with WBS students before coming here. I know that you will have lots of questions which is why utilising the Facebook groups created for you is so important. There are a lot of second and third year students on each course's Facebook group and you can message them and ask them about anything that you are unsure about. What is more, if you are not from the UK, you can use those Facebook groups to find people from your own country that have joined WBS and discuss their moving experience. This can really help with any last minute nerves you may have. I personally did this before my first year and it really made the transition from home tremendously smoother and I can guarantee that there are others like me who know how helpful the Facebook groups are.

Tip number five: Stay Curious, Open, Restless and Excited!

WBS’s CORE values are Curiosity, Openness, Restlessness and Excellence (for this tip I felt that ‘excited’ better suited the final value). My final tip is very straight forward, once you arrive you will be told this but I hope by reading this blog I’ll be able to say it to you first. Your hard work has paid off and you are about to come to an amazing place to spend the next three or four years of your life. Truly enjoy it, absorb the lovely atmosphere, work hard, be bold, be brave, be grateful, be humble and be proud of yourself.

There are many more tips that I could have listed, but the ones above are what I would consider as being the most important. Of course, they will not be the most important tips for everyone but I hope that they will help you make the most of your time at Warwick and your transition into university life.

Welcome Classes of 2021 and 2022 and congratulations to the class of 2018 who graduated last month!