Jasmine's journey to WBS

23 January 2023

BSc Management student, Jasmine shares her journey to WBS.  

Why I chose to study BSc Management

From a young age I have always had a profound passion for Business Studies; always watching entrepreneurial television shows such as ‘Dragon’s Den' and ‘The Apprentice’. My fascination with the corporate world and the ways in which businesses operate has always been an interest that I have wanted to pursue further. Therefore, it was only natural for me to study both GCSE Business Studies and A-level Business. Subsequently, when the time came to choose what degree I wanted to study, it was a very natural choice to study BSc Management. 

Why Warwick Business School?

Warwick Business School is internationally recognised, prestigious and diverse; all attributes I valued when choosing a university. WBS is known for its incredible research and teaching facilities as well as a cosmopolitan, open, and welcoming environment where people can express themselves freely. 

Furthermore, when analysing the university as a whole, The University of Warwick is a campus-based university that enhances the community-spirit feeling that hits you as soon as you step onto campus; a safe environment which I wanted to be surrounded by.  Additionally, the WBS building itself constructs an excellent and inspiring working environment, and its beautiful location next to the tranquil lake; is perfect for study-break walks. 

In terms of my degree, BSc Management is an excellent choice because it offers me a huge amount of flexibility when choosing modules which allows me to tailor my degree to suit my interests and skills. Furthermore, I was able to choose a Business Law module in my second year which adds scope and variety to my degree. This is hugely beneficial for me personally because I am not quite sure what field of business I would like to explore after university, my degree allows me to learn an array of subjects to determine what I enjoy. 

My previous studies

Before joining WBS I studied A-Level English Literature, Business and Geography, and have always been keen to study Business at university. All three of my A-level subjects provided me with a wide array of skills that support my learning to this day, ranging from essay writing to graph analysis. 

In preparation for my UCAS application, I acknowledged that the entry requirements at WBS were the highest entry requirements on my list of universities. Determined was an understatement of how I was feeling, I was set on achieving my dream: attending WBS! I received all 5 of my offers from the other universities I applied to as well as The University of Warwick. I was thrilled, I remember the shriek of excitement that echoed through my house when I found out the good news.

Now, I needed to get the three As. Therefore, I spent the following couple of months studying extremely hard and managing to achieve three As in my mocks. Between my mocks and the final examinations, I practised questions, flashcards, and past papers daily. 

Results day comes around. I had never felt more anxious in my life, the nerves were pumping around my body; leaving me in a state of shock. I opened up UCAS. I GOT IN! I bellow down the stairs to my parents the good news and am in a total state of disbelief. I was overwhelmed and consumed with emotions, pride, happiness, shock, and excitement. I did it… Minutes later, I open up the email from my sixth form college with my A-Level results…THREE A*s! All my hard work and dedication had paid off and I would be taking my well-deserved place at one of the best business schools in the UK. 

Arriving at WBS 

Suddenly, the summer flies by and it is my first day at WBS. The anticipation was killing me, I had no idea what to expect and who I would meet. The first social event was centered around getting complimentary ice cream from WBS and meeting fellow students on my course or other WBS courses such as BSc Accounting & Finance and BSc International Management. It was a great opportunity to build connections and make friends with students on my course which definitely eased my nerves in fact, I met one student there who is one of my best friends to this day!

Reflecting on my journey, it was not an easy journey to WBS but coming to WBS has been one of the best decisions I have ever made and I look forward to continuing my journey here!

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