Launching my own start-up while studying at WBS

25 October 2021

Discover how undergraduate student, Purvi has launched her own start up ‘LinkNGrow’ to help students find their dream jobs.

Hi, I am Purvi Agarwal, studying BSc Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship* at Warwick Business School. I am currently working in the International HR Business Partnering Team at Vertex Pharmaceuticals as part of my placement year.

Having grown up in the diverse culture of India, I have always been inclined towards global networking, meeting new people and learning from their experiences. Whilst pursuing my undergraduate course at WBS, I had always dreamt of getting a full-time job where I could develop my skills, build a professional identity and also, have my own side hustle to help a larger community.

The best part about WBS is its networking sessions where students can leverage the opportunity to network with recruiters to learn about the application process for internships and graduate roles and get a deeper insight into the work culture. I have attended various careers at WBS including the Marketing Insight Series (MiS) where I have met employers from Tangle Teezer, Muller and L’Oreal who have passionately talked about their products and what it’s like to work for them. The CareersPlus team have helped me to build my CV and provided guidance on how to prepare for my interviews which has kept me motivated throughout my job search.

What is LinkNGrow?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit last year, the job market became saturated, and both UK and international students became more anxious and uncertain about their future job prospects. I personally found it difficult attending virtual events where I had to wait for 2 hours in the waiting room to talk to a recruiter for 5 minutes. Hence, LinkNGrow was born.LinkNGrow’s vision is to make students independent in their job search and grab the opportunities as soon as they are live. Instead of waiting in line for networking events, students are taught how to create networking events with recruiters and intern themselves by leveraging LinkedIn!  The aim is to link students to their dream jobs with LinkedIn Networking, ATS Resume Building, Aptitude Tests preparation, Video Interview and Assessment Centre mentorship.

Applying for internships and graduate jobs

If you are applying for summer internships or graduate jobs then this timeline will apply to you:


  • Spend some time focusing on which roles and companies interest you.
  • Research what skills and experience potential employers are looking for.
  • Review your CV and start networking! Networking with both alumni and potential employers can help you understand what the work culture is like and you will also be able to get some useful application tips.

September - December

  • Starting applying! Make sure you keep a record of the applications you have submitted and the ones you are planning to submit.
  • Practice online aptitude tests and start preparing for interviews using the ‘STAR’ technique.
  • Research the company’s core values and competencies in preparation for the recruitment process.

December - March

  • The deadline for most summer internships and graduate roles will have now passed, and now is the time that most assessment centres and interviews take place.
  • Prepare for your interviews and make sure you research the company’s recent projects, achievement and their competitors.
  • Network with current students who may be working with that company to gain some useful tips and advice for what to expect in your assessment centre and interview.

Always remember one thing - every rejection is a redirection. Never take a job rejection personally, use this opportunity to seek feedback, build on your skills and stay consistent in your applications. One really important piece of advice that I would give to every student is to always tailor your CV to each job that you’re applying for. Never use a generic CV but instead have a keywords-specific CV that will help you pass the ATS (Applicant Tracking System).

How my studies at WBS have helped me develop my business

My course at WBS really helped me to develop my entrepreneurial mindset. The modules I have studied enabled me to identify my target audience and understand the customer journey. In terms of my personal skills, time management is the most important skill I have learned during my time at WBS. I feel that every student should make the most out of their university and I have done that by engaging with many student societies. I have also worked with the Student’s Union (SU) on their employability programme where I helped develop courses on CV building, creating cover letters and interview preparation advice which was ultimately the start of my inspiration for LinkNGrow. Managing my assignments, group, and societies as well as working part-time at the SU really taught me the importance of responsibility and how to effectively manage my time.

I am extremely grateful to WBS for supporting me with my entrepreneurial projects and inspiring me to move past rejections with constructive feedback.

Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

For other students who are wanting to start their own business whilst studying my top piece of advice would be to manage your time wisely so that you don’t compromise on your studies. I would advise that you create a clear timetable so that you can dedicate your time to your studies whilst allowing yourself time to focus on your business. And finally, make the most of networking with your academics, peers and alumni to gain feedback on your business model.

How LinknGrow can support WBS students

At LinkNGrow, we have helped more than 100+ students to rebuild their resume, prepare them for interviews and group exercises which has helped them land offers at Samsung, Reckitt, Avanade, and Chillimint. LinkNGrow also provides a 3-week comprehensive course where we teach you 20+ unconventional job search strategies to land your dream job. Are you sick of sending out hundreds of job applications but never hearing back? If you want to talk about your job search strategy or share your experiences, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. You can also follow LinkNGrow on Instagram to get free tips every day on how to tailor your CV as well as gaining lots of interview guidance and networking advice.

*We no longer offer this course as part of our undergraduate portfolio however our course pathways in Digital Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance and Marketing are available on our BSc Management and BSc International Management courses allowing you to focus your studies around a particular subject area.

Discover more about our courses and pathways in our undergraduate brochure.

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