Living on campus - An insight into Warwick's Undergraduate Accommodation

16 April 2018

There are many things to consider when thinking about where to live in your first year at University, in this blog we asked undergraduate student Milica to give us an overview of the accommodation on campus. 

The Warwick campus provides numerous halls of residence for its students. When you apply for accommodation you get to list five halls, in the order of your own preference, as well as a brief note about yourself.

There are various criteria that people take into account when choosing accommodation so I have put together a quick overview of each of the accommodation available from the perspective of students who have previously lived there.

Arthur Vick has a great location, close to the newly built Oculus building, as well as Sports Centre and Rootes Grocery Store. The facilities are great and rooms are spacious and are en-suite. Most graduates recommend it and, together with Bluebell, it is many people’s first choice.

The best thing about Bluebell is the double bed, as well as its location, being only a three-minute walk from the SU. Rooms are spacious, en-suite and eight students share a kitchen. It is considered a quiet hall of residence, but people regularly meet up in the Bluebell kitchens and the common area to socialise. If you are like me and worry about balancing work alongside your social life then do not worry, the walls are quite thick so you do not hear anything outside your room if you need to focus on studying.

Cryfield was the cheapest housing available when I was looking for on campus accommodation, with the same characteristics as all the others, has shared bathrooms but also has a large common room in every block where everyone socialises.

Heronbank is known for its great view, as you are able to see ducks and swans from most of the windows. It is really close to Warwick Business School which is ideal if you’re studying there and has en-suite rooms. When the weathers nice you will also regularly see people jogging and studying outside. Making the most of the scenic location.

Lakeside is quite remote and peaceful with beautiful scenery. It is a perfect working environment, without much disturbance. When asking other students about the accommodation one person said that they “had pretty much a person from every single continent in their flat”, which makes Lakeside a great place for those who want to experience different cultures.

Redfern’s best attribute is its location, which is very central. The price is favourable as well. Students find it nice and appealing.

Rootes is located just behind the SU and it is very popular among students as it is close to the centre of campus. It is considered to be the most sociable accommodation and its long corridors that connect blocks give you an opportunity to reach your friends’ flats without going outside. Rooms and kitchens are fairly large.

Sherbourne is the most recently built halls, with functional, modern, en-suite rooms and nice kitchens. It is very clean and quiet. Students consider it a good value for money and would live there again. Although some say it is further out from central university it is only a 10-minute walk. Additionally, Sherbourne offers some double rooms, which is great for those who want to have roommates.

Westwood is mostly known for being far away from the main campus, but it is only a 10-minute walk from Warwick Business School and a 5-minute walk from Cannon Park, which is a shopping mall with a large Tesco’s store, perfect when you need to do your food shop. You can also take a free shuttle bus from Westwood to the centre of the University of Warwick in case you do not want to walk.

Whitefields has arguably the most central location on campus, being just behind Rootes Grocery Store. It is also affordable with sufficient facilities. Here you have a family feel, as you and your flatmates live in a separate house, making you even closer to each other.

Whichever accommodation you choose, remember that everyone is in the same position as you and will be feeling the exact same as you do. Living in halls is such a great experience; I can guarantee you will make some great memories with your flatmates!

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If you have any accommodation questions, you can also contact the Warwick Accommodation team.