Meet the Chair of the Student Staff Liaison Committee

07 December 2023

Say hello to the Chair of the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) for Warwick Business School and explore their vision for 2024. 

Welcome back to all, I'm Ten Takeda, Chair of the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) for Warwick Business School's (WBS) 2023/2024 academic year. Having previously served as the Vice-Chair, I am thrilled to return to this vital role. In this blog post, I will delve into the SSLC's purpose and our vision for the year ahead.

Understanding the SSLC

The SSLC is a student-led initiative that organises meetings with staff members within WBS to discuss student concerns and queries. As the name of the committee suggests, we provide the opportunity for students and staff to liaise with each other to enhance the overall student experience.

Throughout the academic year, we hold ten meetings, consisting of five main meetings that involve staff members and course representatives, and five pre-meetings, which occur a week prior, exclusively involving course representatives. These meetings, chaired by the SSLC Chair and Vice-Chair, serve the purpose of aggregating student concerns from various course representatives to devise potential solutions. During the main meetings, all pertinent issues raised in the pre-meetings are presented and discussed with staff members, enabling a collaborative approach to problem-solving.

Key Participants

The SSLC comprises dedicated 'course representatives' from each course in every year group nominated by their peers. The main role of course representatives is to play a pivotal role in collecting student feedback to be raised in meetings. In addition to course representatives, the SSLC includes key members such as the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Marketing Executive, and Social Executive, all of whom are course representatives themselves.

Recognising the evolving nature of student life in today's dynamic environment, we encourage every WBS student to voice their opinions, whether positive or negative, throughout the year. To ensure that you are heard, we've established multiple platforms for feedback submission:

  1. Utilise the small, black suggestion box in the UG Learning Space, guaranteeing anonymity
  2. Connect with your designated course representatives (a comprehensive list is available on the my.wbs A-Z page under the 'SSLC' heading)
  3. Reach out to the SSLC via email at
  4. Engage with the SSLC on Instagram (@wbs_sslc)
  5. Feel free to initiate direct conversations with course representatives when you encounter them on campus.

Past Achievements

Our commitment to student welfare has yielded significant accomplishments in previous years, including but not limited to:

  • Enhancing the module fair through the integration of student insights
  • Facilitating exam resubmissions through the my.wbs portal
  • Redesigning my.wbs to provide a more user-friendly interface
  • Crafting functional workspaces within the WBS building.

Aims for this Academic Year

As we embark on the academic year 2023/2024, the SSLC remains dedicated to fostering an environment of collaboration and open dialogue. Our primary goal is to ensure that every student's educational journey at WBS is as enriching and fulfilling as possible. Furthermore, we aim to collaborate with other SSLC faculties across campus to tackle campus-wide issues as much as possible.

This year, the newly introduced sub-teams within the SSLC will enforce closing the loop for reoccurring issues such as improvements on my.wbs, assessments, and facility concerns. We are committed to working with faculty members on these specific issues to ensure consistent improvement throughout the academic year.

Additionally, we will be putting more emphasis on our Instagram page by uploading engaging content, including student/staff interviews and information about the university, so stay tuned for further updates and initiatives from the SSLC as we work together to create a more vibrant and inclusive learning experience for all Warwick Business School students.

To find out more about the SSLC, please follow our Instagram page @wbs_sslc and keep an eye on the SSLC page through my.wbs, where we post minutes, summaries of meetings, and other important notices.